Natural Deodorant Essential: Lafe’s Natural Hemp Roll-On Review

Whenever I chat with my girlfriends about deodorant (which is probably more often than you would care to know), the question of how safe it is always comes up.

What’s Lurking in Your Anti-Perspirant?

There are so many reports about the aluminum (the ingredient that prevents you from sweating) playing a role in the increase in breast cancer rates since the 50’s. But there is also danger regarding the Propylene Glycol (the ingredient that keeps the stick/gel/spray moist) which is the same ingredient used in antifreeze. People tend to forget that all this “stuff” we are putting on our skin absorbs into our blood stream. Plain and simple that entire bottle of deodorant ends up partially on your clothes and partially in your organs.

I’ve tried a tonne of natural alternatives to deodorant/anti-perspirant and while I haven’t found the perfect alternative, I’ve come close. So close, that I’ve now switched to this one for the past year – and I bought 4 bottles to take with me to Norway (no, I don’t sweat profusely (ha!), but I don’t like finding a product that I like and then never finding it again.

The Low Down on Lafes

So on that note, please welcome to the bathroom cabinet (or the underwear drawer) Lafes Natural Hemp Roll-On. It is likely most effective because it has salts that kill odor-causing bacteria and essential oils that smell pretty and light (a good quality if you do wear fragrance).

My favourite? The Powder Scent, but I also use Lavender when Powder is sold out. The Active scent (picture above) is great for the man (or men – heh heh)  in your life.  It retails for around $7 CAD / bottle, but often times you can find it on sale at the drug store (London Drugs) or Planet Organic/Whole Foods/Capers equivalent.

And just to give you an extra good feeling about what you’re buying, Lafes donates 1% of the company’s annual profits to support breast cancer prevention and environmental awareness.

Where to Buy Canada/International:

Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Capers

Smells good to me :)