LPN’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part I: Natural Perfume

Fa la la la la….  <3

Hard to believe but it’s (almost) (already) that time of year.
To kick things off to festive start, I thought I’d start off by publishing LPN’s First Holiday Gift Guide of 2015.

Given that fragrance and perfumes are such common (toxic) gifts during the holidays, it only made sense to start here this year: your healthy alternative to beautiful fragrance, naturally. Find below a selection of some of my favourites (some you may have seen before on the pages on LPN) and some new finds.

Let’s get to it, beautiful.

LPN Gift Guide 2015

Abel Organics Tonic & Vintage


Confused as to whether to purchase holiday spirits or holiday spritz? There’s a perfume for that. ;)

Uh, pardon? Yes, it’s so darn natural you can literally drink it. The ingredients? Lime oil, bergamot oil, peppermint oil, vetiver oil, ginger extract, palmarosa, West Indian sandalwood, vanilla absolute & food grade grain alcohol.

As seen previously on the LPN, New Zealand based 100% organic natural perfumery has come out with Tonic a beautifully crisp and earthy scent that is perfect for the “anti-floral” babe. The blend of lime, peppermint and bergamot plus the vetiver and sandalwood are a perfect combo. For me, I love woodsy and fresh scents on my skin and Tonic is a dream. Also what I love about Abel? Their scents are unisex, so you or your man can wear this delicious scent.

Also, for the gift receiver that has everything, there are only 1693 bottles available globally.

Where to Buy:

International: Abel Organics online for 92 EUR

Scandinavia: Fragrant Lounge Online: 949 NOK   – Special for you LPN’ers, receive free samples with Eau de Parfum orders – and receive a discount of 20% on all Aroma Sprays and Eau de Toilette (Florascent) until the end of November 2015 with code LPNSPECIAL20. Shipping is complimentary in Norway. :)

Rich Hippie Eau de Parfums


For the rich hippie, really, comes Rich Hippie’s Eau de Parfums. My choice of the moment? Bliss. With a base of deep, feminine floral notes (but not “flowery” or “sweet”) the Bulgarian Damascena Rose and Tunisian citrus combine to leave you with a deep velvety scent that is for  you mysterious moon goddess. Another winner in my books. Ingredients are clean as ever: organic alcohol, extracts from organic and wildcrafted plants and flowers.

All of the perfumes have a bit of romance in their names and are handcrafted (using organic ingredients) in small batches in California. Um, love? Yes.

Where to Buy:

International: Rich Hippie Online for $145 USD for 1/8 oz

Scandinavia: Fragrant Lounge for 599 NOK  – use code LPNSPECIAL20 to receive free samples with Eau de Parfum orders

Frankie & Myrrh Purple People Pleaser

When In Doubt, Use Lavender. French Lavender, Straight up. Every damn time. ;)

Not quite a perfume, not quite a aromatherapy sprits, but something beautiful in between (oh, don’t we all love the grey zone).  Use Frankie & Myrrh’s Purple People Pleasure as an after-shower body mist, perfume, car freshener, room freshener, linen spray, hand sanitizer, calming pillow spray, soothe a sunburn or minor abrasions, repel insects… oh goodness, just use it anywhere!

I love lavender for it’s relaxation boosting properties – an essential during this crazy time of year. For best aromatherapy results: spray several times into cupped hands, place hands over nose and mouth and inhale deeply for 30 seconds (avoid your precious eyes).

Where to Buy:

Scandinavia: Fragrant Lounge Online: 209 NOK  – use code LPNSPECIAL20 and receive a discount of 20% until the end of November 2015

International: Amazon.com for $19.95 USD

Hiram Green in Voyage

For the Luxe Lover, Hiram Green handcrafts limited edition Voyage in small batches. An ode to “the exotic mysteries of India,” the new and (250! bottle limited edition) fragrance is as atmospheric and thrilling as a Mysore street market. Voyage is a beautiful blend of fresh citrus top notes, a heart of warm amber and luscious suede over a smooth vanilla base. I absolutely LOVE this scent. It’s perfectly feminine without being overpoweringly sweet or floral.

Where to Buy:

International: Hiram Green Online for 135 EUR for 50 ml

Scandinavia: Fragrant Lounge Online: 1,290 NOK   – use code LPNSPECIAL20 and receive a discount of 20% on all Aroma Sprays and Eau de Toilette (Florascent) until the end of November 2015

By Rosie Jane – Leila Lou Eau de Parfum

Created by celebrity Australian makeup artist Rosie Jane, the irresistible scent of Leila Lou’s signature perfume oil is beautifully blended into a 100% natural parfum.Top notes: nectarine and fresh cut grass, at the heart: pear blossom and jasmine and the base: vanilla and white musk with some final notes of fresh-cut grass, Leila Lou is clean, gentle, fresh and totally addicting. Oh and that packaging ;) Love!

Where to Buy:

International: Eco Diva Beauty for $50 USD

Pacifica Rollerball in French Lilac

FL Roll On-rs_0

These fresh little roller-balls are perfect for your Secret Santa gift, or for a nice surprise in mom’s stocking.  Our of all of the products, my favourite is French Lilac. These beautiful scents, couldn’t be more different. The best part is the price point, you can afford to splurge for a few. I purchased the French Lilac for my mom last year – a scent that certainly conjures spring with a blend of Lilac, Magnolia Leaves, Heliotrope, Ylang Ylang, Hyacinth and Nectarine. I still borrowed it last time I was home visiting… but I have a feeling it will be gone before I’m back for the Christmas holidays.  ;)

Where to Buy:

International: Amazon Online for $16.95 USD


Wishing you a beautiful start to the holiday season! Keep you eyes peeled for upcoming Gift Guides over the coming weeks! <3

Love, light and snowflakes from Oslove.