LPN’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part II: Gifts for the Natural Foodie

LPN Gift Guide 2015 - Pur Oslo-Recovered

Just like last year, the beautiful Megan from Pur Oslo (Oslo’s finest Gluten-Free/Dairy-Free baking and dishes) is back with her recommendations for this seasons’ must-haves for the foodie. You might have seen some #regrams from this natural beauty on my Instagram,  so you may recognize her. ;)

_MeganGuertnerI’m so excited to be including her picks for you lovelies as you get into holiday shopping modus (ok, many already have). Enjoy these Scandinavian-inspired picks for your foodie friends and food-loving family members.

North Sea Salt Works


North Sea Salt Works is a family business located on the island of Gossen in Northwestern Norway. This salt is hand harvested from cold pure seawater in the Norwegian Sea, using 100% renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing processes. It is the mineral content of the cold and clean seawater that makes Havsnø’s crystalline white flakes flat and soft, with a light crunchy feeling. They also have baking salt for all that holiday baking you’ll be getting your hands into – so why not spring for one for yourself, and your foodie friend’s stocking. 

Where to Buy: 

Online at Havsno for 69 NOK (±$8 USD)

EvaMia Interiør

Perfect gifts for the person who has everything in the kitchen, are hand made wooden products made from the branches of olive trees. During the harvest of olives, the trees are pruned to ensure that it grows new branches and can produce more olives in the coming year. It is from these branches that the olive wood products of which EvaMia Interior are made. EvaMia also sells pottery, textiles and accessories. 

The website is in Norwegian, but you can use Google Translate to let you in on the directions around the site. You can also contact the shop to have them to help you place your order.

Where to Shop: 

Online at EvaMia (ships internationally)

Flaska Water Bottle


Like LPN, Pur Oslo is a big supporter of portable glass water bottles (cf. the many posts on bkr). Flaska is our latest fav. The technology behind it is amazing! So what makes it different? The glass is programmed for water structuring. Water what?! Water structuring is a process that turns ordinary water back to water that has a structure similar to spring water. It penetrates the body’s cell membranes easier and faster and offers better nourishment to living organisms. Flaska uses TPS (technology of programming silicon), a vibrational programme consisting of various kinds of information from nature and is then imprinted into the glass.  There’s even bowl for your dog!

Where to Buy: 

Online at Amazon.com from $29.99 USD

Blendtec Blender


While at LPN we are often using the Vitamix, another high-end blender that packs a punch (and arguably deserves more space on the health foodie’s blog pages) is Blendtec. Blendtec is a SERIOUS machine that can blend your fruits, veg and nuts in seconds. It makes soups, smoothies, nut butters, nut milks and sauces in no time, and is a perfect gift for the kitchen whiz, or those that aren’t so great around the kitchen but love good, healthy food (boyfriend? husband? *cough*). Beyond being a fantastic smoothie maker, its warming function also makes it possible for you to heat soups, right in the blender. 

Where to Buy: 

Online at Amazon from $389 USD

Weleda Arnica Massage Oil

Give the gift of healing oils this holiday – an especially good gift for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen stressing the body. Wildcrafted arnica flower extract is proven to soothe sore muscles, as well as help ease pain and give a warming effect. A base of sunflower seed oil and olive oil nourish and hydrate skin as birch extract delivers detoxifying effects. While your skin soaks in the muscle-soothing properties, a pure, natural essential oil fragrance of lavender and rosemary help to calm your mind.

Where to Buy: 

Online at Amazon.com from $13.99 USD

Activated Charcoal from Bulletproof


If you haven’t discovered Bulletproof products yet then you might want to look into this company and their technology. Another good stocking stuffer, especially for those with food sensitivities (food allergies, gas, bloating, slow digestion anyone?).

For over 10,000 years, healers from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Western Medicine have used activated charcoal to soak up poisons and improve intestinal health through a process called “adsorption,” which means “to bind to” rather than “to absorb.”

Take it when you eat out at restaurants or eat low quality foods (let’s be realistic, there is a lot of that going on around the holidays) – and while it won’t fix the problem, it helps tremendously.

Maybe it’s even a good idea to grab a bottle for yourself, especially if engaging in too much holiday cheer. Activated charcoal is particularly helpful after drinking alcohol (think detox). Oh, and it’s good for beautiy too? While it might seem counterintuitive, opening a capsule of the black powder on your toothbrush does amazing things for stained teeth. You can even safely use it during pregnancy to bind toxins, and for those of you traveling far distances home for the holidays (like LPN & Pur Oslo are), it’s also a big help with jetlag. 

Where to Buy: 

Online at Amazon.com for $18.12 USD

Kishu Charcoal – Activated Charcoal Water Filter for Pitchers

Rather than getting a lump of coal in your stocking this year, how about some activated charcaol? Kishu is a finely crafted form of activated charcoal also called activated carbon. By heating sustainably, harvested oak branches to an extremely high temperature (usually in a kiln), and slowly depriving it of oxygen, the wood becomes carbonized. Kishu Charcoal is 97% pure carbon. After a number of days, a beautiful and glass-like activated charcoal emerges.

This pure form of carbon readily absorbs or bonds with toxins, principally metals, at the molecular level. These toxins can be found in municipal water systems and may include lead, mercury, copper, cadmium and chlorine. Kishu has been tested to remove all of them. Kishu Charcoal is ready to use upon opening the package. Simply place in any pitcher or water bottle and add tap water. Kishu begins absorbing impurities immediately while also imparting healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. These give your water a delicious, clean taste.

Kishu Charcoal should be boiled once per month to keep its pores open. Oh, and it has some great secondary uses: absorbing odours in the refrigerator (better than baking soda!) or helping your garden grow (it will help improve water absorption).

Where to Buy:

Online at Amazon.com for $15.49

Go Ferment & FARMcurious Home Fermenting Systems


You’ve heard a lot of about fermented foods for the gut health (maybe you remember LPN’s post at making kombucha?). The “good bacteria” found in raw, fermented foods helps replenish the gut lining, keeping that skin glowing. These kits are perfect for the health nut for keeping his or her gut health in check – all while making some yummy creations (think kimchi, sauerkraut, and other pickled goodness).

These beginner kits are great for small, at home batches. How do they work? They release carbon dioxide and keep oxygen from coming in the jars. This helps keep your vegetables mould-free by allowing carbon dioxide escape through the top of the airlock (while nothing gets in). The lids are compatible with any wide mouth Mason Jars (jars aren’t included in these kits though).

Where to Buy:

GoFerment online at Amazon.com $25.95 USD
FARMcurious online at Amazon.com for $27.95

Tea Glass Infuser by Uendure

81vleQAiLuL._SL1500_Whether on a train or a plane, a hike or a bike, this BPA-free Tea Glass Infuser is the perfect way to take loose leaf tea on the go! Uendure’s tea tumbler is constructed of smooth, double walled insulated glass (keeping the hands comfortable) and a mason jar style rim, with a durable stainless steel tea infuser. There are two openings and two lids which makes for simple thinking…the infuser is placed at the bottom of the bottle to make for easy drinking

Where to Buy: 

Online at Amazon.com for $27.97
If you buy 2 or more, shipping is free & save 10% on your purchase use UENDURE2 at checkout.

PUR Oslo Gluten-Free Cooking Course

If you follow LPN on Snapchat (snap.kate) or Instagram, you may recall the images from Pur Oslo’s last class, Autumn Harvest. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we also got make the food, eat the food and take home the recipes. A few shots from her last class below:


Megan showing the tricks of the Spaghetti Squash trade


Spiralizing cucumber for our kale and avocado salad


Kale, avocado and cucumber salad


Roasted root veggie fries with 3 types of homemade mayo


Gluten-Free pumpkin doughnut topped with edible flowers


So if you’re an Oslo local, and if you’re looking to give something different this year, why not a cooking course? PUR Oslo and Terra Magica are holding a vegan, gluten-free pasta making course.

GFpastaClass_insta_JanuaryWhere to Sign Up: 

For the next class (or to get info on upcoming classes). January 11th, email Megan directly pur@puroslo.com


Happy holidays, beauties.
May your foodies friends be satiated with these Pur Oslo picks – and k
eep you eyes peeled for the next Gift Guide for the holidays.