The Top 5 Natural Perfumes: Natural “Perfume” for Every Beauty

Move over Chanel No. 5, there are some new (non-toxic) girls in town!

Look it up on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database, and you’ll quickly see why artificial fragrance should be kicked out of your beauty routine! Not only is it bad for the environment (all products with fragrance are – everything from conventional laundry detergent, to shampoo and soap), fragrance is also found to be a known human immune toxicant & irritant. Further, conventional fragrances (perfumes) also contain phthalates – also known as hormone disrupting chemicals – none for me, thanks.

So, today, my beauties, I bring you a lovely selection of essential oil-derived “perfumes”, made with wonderful ingredients. Now, I wouldn’t say I wear perfume everyday, but on an evening out I love to dab a little something behind the ears and on my wrists. There is something for everyone here. Yes, even for the Chanel No. 5 devotee.

For the Luxe Lady: Abel Vintage ’13 100% Organic Eau de Parfum

Yes, you read that right, a 100% organic eau de parfum – possibly the world’s first. When I first smelled this beautiful earthy, peppery scent, I melted. I am one for the rich perfumes (no bubble-gum sugar for me, please). Created by New Zealander Frances Shoemack, this is a purely luxurious scent that will compliment any confident woman (and men may also find it to be a wearable scent too). Each note is listed in detail on Abel’s site, but just to give you a hint there is some clove, bergamot and black pepper in the top notes, as well as some ginger and vanilla in the middle. It’s gorgeous, simply gorgeous. With all that being said, there are only 2000 bottles available, so get yours soon! If you’re in the Netherlands, lucky you, pick a bottle up at any of these retailers. Otherwise, international beauties, find it online here. A scent this good doesn’t run cheap; however, this 115 Euros may be the best money you’ve ever spent smelled.

For the Lady of the Night: Moon Bloom by Hiram Green

There must be something in the air over in the Netherlands, because this beautiful scent hails from the land of tulips too! Hiram Green handcrafts Moon Bloom in small batches, and I swear to you, this beautiful fragrance smells as if he hand-pressed the oils from the tuberose himself (maybe he did?). Moon Bloom is a blissful combination of tuberose absolute, jasmine absolute and ylang ylang (one of my favourite scents). But the complexity of this scent also includes hints of coconut, leafy greens and tropical spices. It’s intoxicating, and a perfect scent for a romantic evening out. As it so happens, I’m wearing mine this evening for my date. Pick up this beautiful scent here in 50 ml  (111 Euros) or 5 ml (20 Euros) bottles.

For the Urban Fashionista: Providence Perfumes

For the beauty that can’t decide, there is Providence Perfumes – one for every day of the week, and then some. I had the luxury of trying each of the 10 scents created by Charna Ethier, and I must say, it is hard to pick a favourite. These 100% natural perfumes are blended by hand in artisan batches from the finest plants, flowers, woods and resins available. I’ll walk you through some of my highlights and let you know what I love.

Because I like rich scents, I immediately fell in love with Tabac Citron ($125 USD), but the lighter notes of lemon and french lavender makes it an equally perfect scent for summer. Branch & Vine Cologne ($80 USD) which smells like a summery leafy green garden filled with violet and jasmine – just beautiful. Another lovely scent which is a limited edition by Jonathan Joseph Peters & Charna captured my heart – and my nose – the Mousseline Peche ($50 USD), with hints of sweet peach, ylang ylang and rose. One of the most lust-worthy in the collection has to be Rose Boheme ($150 USD), the deepest, richest rose you have ever laid your nose on. Additional notes of patchouli and saffron give it a scent that can only be described as “hippie luxe”. If you are like me, and cannot make a decision, try their sampler – you’ll find it online, here ($68 USD).

 For the Earth Goddess: Sacred Elements Essentials Aromatherapy Collection


A natural fragrance that doubles as aromatherapy? Yes, please! These perfect purse companions come in hand little roller balls that are perfect for applying to pulse points. My favourites from this collection included  Sleeping Beauty ($18 USD) from the Divine Collection smells citrusy and not only helps clear the sinuses but also has notes of rose and powerful Frankincense – a complex and beautiful oil. Kindred Heart ($18 USD) from the Scented Soul collection contains patchouli and tulsi (the powerful adaptogen holy basil) and white ginger lily. Free Spirit ($18 USD) from the Scented Soul Collection is a woody blend with pepper and bergamot. The most floral, and mom’s favourite, is Bloom ($18 USD) – a blend of jasmine, frankincense, sandalwood and cinnamon, simply divine.

For the Luxury Loving Hippie: C & Co. Ylang Ylang Solid Perfume

For the earth mamma to the luxury loving lady, C & Co’s solid perfume oil ($15 USD) is an intoxicating combination of ylang ylang, jasmine and grapefruit seed. This solid perfume (perfect for travel as it comes in a solid tin) is a sexy yet sweet scent perfect for day to evening. Christi created the 100% natural perfume, which is also handcrafted. This little pot of gloriousness is even suitable for those who are sensitive to scents. It’s light enough that you will never feel overpowered by it, yet noticeable in just the right way. The perfume is also created with antioxidant rich oils, so you’re doing good for your skin, all while you captivate the noses of passersby.

For the Fun Loving Free Spirit: Pacifica Perfume Roll-On

These fresh little roller-balls are perfect for the gal-on-the-go. There are so many scents that it can be a bit overwhelming trying to pick one. After going through the lot numerous times (and on a number of occasions) I narrowed it down to two of my favourites: Persian Rose ($12 USD) and French Lilac ($12 USD). These beautiful scents, while both floral, couldn’t be more different. The rose is rich and deep, perfect for a fall or winter day, while the French Lilac is a wonderful fragrance for spring, so fresh and floral. The best part is the price point, you can afford to splurge for a few. My one qualm with Pacifica, that while natural (and do not contain phthalates, nitro-musks or benzene) they do contain some fragrance that isn’t necessarily derived from essential oils. That being said, they are a great – and wonderfully smelling – alternative to the conventional perfumes you’ll find on the shelves. Find Pacifica at most shops (including Whole Foods) as well as online. 

After hunting high and low, I hope you enjoy some of these beautiful, natural scents.

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas Loves!



Did I miss your favourite natural fragrance? Let me know about it in the comments below!