Spiritual Beauty – The Latest Trends in Natural Beauty

Spirituality: A slightly unorthodox topic for a wellness and natural beauty blog, no? But hear me out. We are all energy and within that energy comes power – and that, my dears, is related to quantum physics (have a read of Deepak Chopra’s Ageless Body Timeless Mind to get the drift of what I mean here). Energy can be maneuvered around the body, and used as a ways to heal the body; age related skin damage included.


While we may all have different ideas of what spirituality means to us, we are all spiritual beings. What we believe and how we connect to that experience can be very different, and that is beautiful.

Over the past few months, I’ve been connected to a few individuals and come across some very interesting reading which have drawn linkages between one’s spirituality and natural beauty. Heck Ayurveda has been doing this for centuries!

So yes, spiritual beauty is a thing, and it can come in many different forms. So today’s post, while a little different, will run you through some of the spiritual beauty products, practices and experiences I have come across.

Cosmetic Energy Healing ® & Lily Chandra


Probably the most interesting women I’ve met in a while is Lily Chandra. Lily is a Cosmetic Energy Healer (among a few other awesome things) and provides her clients with transformative cosmetic experiences. Lily contacted me while I was in Oslo and offered to run me through a session over a Skype call, until we realized that I was going to be in Vancouver, where she is based, over the holidays and I was able to meet her in person. Right off the bat, I had a good vibe.

When I met her at her home, I was shocked to find this striking woman was in her 40s (looking early 30s max) and had two vibrant teens running around. Spiritual from her early days, Lily started meditating around 16 years of age and had a strong interest in yoga, crystals, and science.

Now you’re probably asking: Cosmetic Energy Healing®? I’ve never heard of this. Well, you’re right. Lily is the founder and realized that through her practice of energy healing and as a medical intuitive, she was also able to perform cosmetic procedures – often in as few as 3 – 5 treatments.

What kind of work does she do? Well, here’s a few of her specialties:

  • Hair – regrowth, removal and grey reversal
  • Facelift (removal of wrinkles)
  • Neck lift (removal of lines)
  • Nose work
  • Energetic liposuction (removal of excess body weight)

When Lily isn’t seeing clients in Vancouver, she is traveling around the world teaching her craft, and further sharing her wisdom. While I was in Vancouver, I was fortunate enough to sit down for a session with Lily.

Before we got started, she asked with what I wanted to work. One of my irritants is the fine lines around my eyes, and so I laid down on the treatment bed and she immediately went to my hair. She then said to me “I sense that there is also something you’re wanting to work with here.” Funny that she said that, as I have very long and thick hair, so to the outsider, I don’t think anyone would ever sense I have an issue with my hair…but lately I had been losing more hair than usual (and finding that a little stressful). So, instead of starting with the little lines around my eyes, she started working on my hair. She continued working through my face and neck thereafter.

The experience was fantastic. At the end of my session, a line on the side of my left jaw was so faint (one that has made itself more and more prominent over the last few years), and my cheekbones looked more pronounced. It was quite incredible. Further to that, energetic healing tends to encourage shifts to happen internally too. As Lily puts it: “The internal shift is the powerful piece.“ And if all that doesn’t do it for you, the sheer release of stress from a session is well worth it.

Curious to know more about what she does? Find more details below.


Sessions are 1 hour in length and can be done remotely or in person where she is traveling / practicing
Contact Lily through info@lilychandra.com or online at www.lilychandra.com

Online Healings start at $50 USD (on sale now for 50% off)

Healing Mantras (use the vibrational healing to heal and transform):

Are curious about working with Lily? She’s hiring – applicants can work from anywhere in the world, just email info@lilychandra.com

Mindful Mosaic by Mindful Health


Mindful Health, founded by New York based natural beauty Nicole Glassman.  Mindful Health focuses on women’s retreats, chakra balancing (through the Mindful Mosaic platform) and health products (including cleanses). Nicole also works closely with clients at her New York studio (or remotely by phone) on their health issues. Mindful Health explains itself as a place for individuals with a desire to improve their overall health but they do not know where to start.

The Mindful Mosaic program focuses on the 7 chakras (our body’s energy centres) for healing and balancing – When all are in balance, you’ll naturally release toxic behaviours and old emotions that no longer serve you. This release naturally relaxes you, your body and your face. Essentially, a balanced and calm system leads to a naturally beautiful you.


Part of the Mindful Mosaic program includes flower essences and essential oil rollers. Each flower essence is specially blended to channel and help balance a particular chakra. To understand which of your chakras needs the  most balancing, take this quick quiz on their website here. Finding out which space in your energetic body needs the most attention can help for your to release things that do not serve you.

Flower essences and the aromatherapy rollerballs combine to help you channel the healing that you and your unique body need. I’m loving all of the roller balls, both for their pure ingredients and their healing essential oils and a crystal relevant for balancing each particular chakra (Red Jasper in the Root Chakra roller, for instance).


In addition to the beautiful Mindful Mosaic products (which are part of the wider program – read more about it here), Mindful Health is also hosting two women’s retreats this coming spring called the Mindful Mosaic Women’s Retreat. The purpose of these retreats is to bring together a group of women to achieve deep connection, empowerment, and healing – the ultimate getaway for holistic healing. The program travels through each of the seven chakras to awaken and balance any blockages that our body may be experiencing. Accompanied by yoga, natural spa treatments, chef-prepared meals and healing activities in the midst of nature. Sounds like magic.

MayFlower InnThe MINDFUL MOSAIC Women’s Retreats are all about finding the joy in looking within and falling in love with yourself and life again. When all the tools are in place and the scenery is beautifully inspiring, healing is taken to a whole other level. These retreats are the ultimate getaways for holistic healing. The gorgeous Mayflower Grace Retreat is pictured above.

MINDFUL MOSAIC Women’s Retreats 2016

The Mayflower Grace Connecticut – March 11 – 14 from $3995 USD *early bird pricing ends January 15

The Inn of Aurora – May 20 – 23 from $1950 USD

Shop the Flower Essences and Essential Oil Roller Balls 

Shop individual flower essence blends for $29.50 or the whole set for $177 USD here

Shop Chakra Essential Oil Blend for $20.95 USD

Use Code: LIVINGPRETTY10 for 10% off your first purchase (over $25 USD) xx

Gem Stone Organics

Based on my Instagram, you’ve probably noticed I’m a lover of gemstones, but who knew how powerful they could be in your skincare? Gemstone Organics is a brilliant raw, pure skincare company that uses the power of gemstones, flowers and herbs to create some pretty darn pure skincare. One of my favourites was their Organic Gem Juice Hydrosol.


Hydrosols are floral waters that contain the essence of the specific plant in each drop – they are the aqueous product of steam distillation and carry the intelligent vibration of plant impulses, giving them potent healing properties. They are similar to their counterpart the essential oil, but in a much gentler form making them ideal for use on even the most sensitive of skins. Hydrosols are commonly used as beauty waters because they balance your skins pH levels and make great natural astringents/toners.

At the bottom of each bottle is a crystal that you can keep for your own intentional living. Gem Stone Organic’s hydrosols are infused with Quartz Crystal which have been charged to aid you on your journey of healing and inner beauty. <3 Love this!


Gemstone Organics also has as variety of beautiful creams (another fave I tried was their rose quartz cream – a beauty of a beauty product). The Rose Quartz cream was infused with lavender and rosemary and infused with rose quartz essence – it is perfect for resonating with your heart chakra. Oh, and did I mention the cream also doubles as an anti-aging tool? With coconut oil, beeswax and antioxidant packed babassu oil, it will help with fighting fine lines too.

Where to Buy:

Shop the hydrosol online at Gemstone Organic  from $18 USD

Shop the creams online at Gemstone Organic for $37 USD

Gemstone Facial Roller – Ginger Chi Jade Roller


Jade Rollers have been used for centuries, to refine and enhance skin elasticity, stimulating meridians points to promote “facial Chi”. Jade’s property of allowing it to remain cold on contact helps to close the pores, tighten the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. Some of the benefits of using jade directly on the skin include: enhancing skin elasticity as well as tightening and toning facial muscles. Jade can also helps refine pores, reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes while also helping to relieve facial tension and discourage fine lines and wrinkles. How does this work? Well the massaging and jade combine to help aid lymph drainage and increase blood flow, thereby eliminating puffiness, toning facial muscles and plumping out wrinkles. You will also find that regular use minimizes spots around the chin and jawline caused by toxin build-up.

But wait, there is more: the facial roller (or massager) can also help to improve circulation and oxygen flow. It aids in elimination of toxins, reducing stress and inflammation, improves sinus conditions and congestion.

How to use it? Use the jade roller anytime to stimulate meridian points on other parts of the body. You can cool the Chi Roller in the fridge for a refreshing treat – great for alleviating puffy eyes, headaches and hangovers. Use broad sweeps always working away from the nose area, roll across the forehead, cheeks, throat and décolletage area. Place vertically on your sinus area and rock gently and then roll away from the nose to clear blocked sinuses. Finally, pay special attention to the jawline where congestion is prone to build up, take the roller vertically in the point where your neck meets your ear and then rolling it down towards your collar bone (this is to help drain the lymphatic system).

Where to Buy: 

Online for $24 USD on Amazon from Ginger Chi

Namaste, Beautiful <3