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Natural Body Wash: Weleda Cream Body Wash Review

Another France find: the German made Weleda Creamy Body Wash. I’ve tried it in Rose, Lavender and Pomegranate (the last one being my favourite). I’ve seen Weleda products all over the place – they are easy to find these days, which is nice.

You can buy them online for far cheaper than you’ll find them in the shops ($14 USD vs. $20 CAD). My favourite go-to is Amazon, but you can also get them from their official website.

If you’re traveling in Europe, I recommend you stack your suitcase full (or at least grab two) as they are a lot cheaper across the pond.

Where to Buy:

Weleda at

Weleda USA

Planet Organic, Capers, Whole Foods


Natural Health Food Stores

Happy Showers!



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