Travel Saviour: Natural Beauty Trick – Uriage Thermal Spa Water

Over the past five years I’ve spent way too much time on planes. What does this mean for my skin? Havoc. The best travel companion I bring (and use every night, even when I’m not traveling) is Uriage Thermal Spa Water. The spa water can often seem like a gimmick or a scam, but with 15 clinical studies behind it and the feeling I get after using it, I believe it.

Uriage Thermal Spa Water naturally soothes your skin, refreshes your mind and reinforces the skin’s barrier function. It is great for every skin type and best used daily. I use it in my night routine to set my skin’s moisture after cleansing and before applying my rose oil.

As it is technically water, it is obviously free from parabens, fragrance and preservatives and is completely natural. It acts as a natural toner and is great while you’re feeling dry in flight or oil in the heat. Either way Thermal Water is a great snag.

I found this brand in France, and haven’t seen it around many other places; however, if you can’t find Uriage, you can find other brands such as Avene Thermal Spring Water that retails for around $16 CAD. Uriage can be found in nearly any pharmacy in France and can also be found in other European countries.

Where to buy:

Shoppers Drug Mart

London Drugs

City-Pharma Paris

A spa in your purse – perfect.