Facial Oil Feature: Kimia Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System Review for Anti-Aging

I love natural facial oils. They are the most pure, safe and effective way to moisturize your face and body. I try a great deal of products, but without fail, before bed I’m always using an oil of some sort (often, it is rosehip oil). While I am happy with my rose oil, in my true “Exploratory Kate” fashion (basically a desire for the superlative of everything), I went on the hunt for something more luxurious, and this is what I found:

The holy grail in luxury facial oils. The granddaddy in natural anti-aging. It is indeed, the Kimia Exquisite Rejuvenating Facial System. I was of course skeptical when I first looked at the products, while beautiful and packaged luxuriously, it was important that their claims were not unfounded.

Here is What I Discovered:

The Kimia facial system comes in two easy steps, the Exquisite All Natural Facial Oil and the Hydra Activator.

Step one after cleansing, massage the facial oil into your skin. Now this isn’t just any blend of oils, but rather an extremely pure blend of potent oils and extracts. While it includes rose oil, it also boasts many other extracts and beneficial oils such as calendula, marula, almond as well as a beautiful neroli addition. What makes Kimia’s oils different is how they are extracted and their potency. The extraction method concentrates the powerful components of the plant and takes into consideration the weather conditions, soil quality and location. The quality of the oils are extremely high and the blend smells divine.

Step two after facial oil application is the Hydra-Activator, a water and peppermint-based absorption aid. The hydra-activator increases the absorption of the oil, so you have a non greasy look and can – get this – use the oil under makeup without any grease problems. You can effectively use this system morning and night. They claim that after usage of the system for a period of time, you will indeed create “the Kimia glow”. While I believe this has more to do with what is in your body than what is on your skin, this certainly did add a little extra radiance when I started using it morning and night.

What I Love

What I love about Kimia is that they don’t overload you with hundreds of different products for a million skin issues. When it comes to natural beauty, less is more. Nature was made for all skin types. They have one product for face (the system discussed here), one eye product, one lip product and one décolletage product. That’s it.

I’m not the only one loving this system – so are some big names in the celebrity world. Kimia followers include: Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba and Blake Lively. So, I guess with that being said, you’re wondering how much for this little gem. It’s on the pricey side (£74.00 for one system); however, what’s wrong with treating yourself now and again?

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