LPN’s October Faves: Natural Beauty and Healthy Home Products

It’s one of those grey, beautiful Sundays and I just can’t get enough of cozying up inside with a giant mug of tea and a pile of natural beauty products that I wanted to share with you. Here they are, my October natural faves. Here’s what I’ve been loving for the last 30 days.

True Moringa by MoringaConnect found on Gloss48

MoringaConnect was founded by two Harvard grads who discovered the magic of the Moringa tree – both for skincare/nutrition purposes and for farmer sustainability in Ghana. Today, MoringaConnect works with over 300 smallholder farmers throughout Ghana to provide a stable source of income and nutrition.

Ok but what’s with all the fuss about Moringa Oil? Well, for starters the leaves have more vitamin A than carrots, more protein than eggs, more calcium than milk and more iron than spinach. The oil seeds, rich in antioxidants and moisturizing agents, produce one of nature’s finest cosmetic oils.  With the oil seeds, MoringaConnect created three hydrating skin and hair oils from 100% natural unrefined Moringa oleifera oil.

Why I’m loving it? This cold pressed oil is extremely pure and moisturizes with the best of them. I’ve been using it on my body, face and hair this month and feel like my skin looks younger and fresher with one drop. This is the perfect pick-me-up for winter skin blues.  Also I’m loving the peppermint oil infused blend – no better way to wake up winter sleepiness than this invigorating oil.

True Moringa Review

Where to Buy:


Shop this fabulous oil from Gloss48 – an awesome new site which launches a new indie brand in the skincare and beauty space DAILY. This clever site was founded by a group of MBAs (love) and are dedicated to doing beauty differently. Watch their site (and sign up for their newsletters) to get your daily dose of the newest in beauty. It will help you keep your eyes out for the newest in naturals.

Head over to their site and be eligible for $10 off your first purchase by signing up!

Shop Global: Gloss48 with LPN’s Promotion – $29.00 USD

Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Divine

One of my fave fall eye shadow colours is a smokey graphite grey. When I found this Kjaer Weis shadow, I fell immediately in love. I’ve been wearing it almost daily this past month – lighter in the days and darker to create a more smokey look in the evenings.

As all Kjaer Weis’ eyeshadows, it’s made in Italy, gluten free and natural. I love the weighty stainless steel compacts by Kjaer Weis. Not only do they protect these delicate shadows, but also really make your products feel luxurious. It doesn’t get much more glamorous than this.

Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow

Where to Buy:

USA: EcoDiva Beauty $44.00 USD
Canada: EcoDiva Beauty Canada $49.00 USD
Norway/Scandinavia: Pureskin.no – 320 NOK
Global: Kjaer Weis Online – $44.00 USD

Cold Killing Remedies

The cold season is among us and I am determined to avoid getting ill. I’ve packed my cupboards and fridge full of antioxidants and germ fighting foods (think garlic, onions and spicy peppers). Here are a few of my favourite rememdies / preventative measures:

Yogi Tea Immune Support: with a big dose of three varieties of Echinacea Root, this tea provides a full spectrum of traditional herbal support for the immune system. It also has European Elderberry and soothing Organic Mullein Leaf to aid respiratory function, Astragalus Root,for a boost of energy plus, cinnamon and rose hip add a light fragrant essence.

Vitamin D Drops: I got these great Vitamin D drops from my Naturopath back in Vancouver. Vitamin D is brilliant for warding off colds and flu *if you are Vitamin D deficient (especially possible when you’er living in the arctic like me, where the days grow shorter and darker). Check with your healthcare practitioner to see if you might need Vitamin D supplements.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey: It’s not news to you that honey can soothe a sore throat, but one special honey, Manuka honey, may be better than the rest. I’ve previously blogged on Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey here. Manuka honey has fantastic antibacterial activity, but studies have also shown that Manuka Honey has antiviral properties which make it effective for treating cold and flu symptoms as well. I like to smear a little on seeds, add into my smoothies and my tea (when it’s cooled down a little).

Manuka Honey

Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano: Another previous product on the blog, oil of oregano is my fail proof go-to when it comes to cold prevention. If I ever wake up with a scratchy throat in the morning, I take two or three drops of this under my tongue and I don’t feel it again. It’s like a magic (but potent*) potion. Those with sensitive taste buds, do beware. This is pungent and probably one of the strongest tasting things you will put in your mouth.

Cayenne Pepper: Sore throat? Kill it quickly by gargling with hot water, apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. Do this for one minute when you feel a sore throat coming on, or when you’re trying to get rid of one. This must be one of the best sore throat remedies. It can provide instant relief, and continued gargling throughout the day and evening can help push it out of the system a whole lot faster.

Where to Buy:

By all these products (with the exception of that brand of Vitamin D) on iHerb.

Yogi Immune Support – $4.46 USD for 15 tea bags
Joy of the Mountains Oil of Oregano – $20 USD for 30 ml
Wedderspoon Manuka Honey – $40.86 for 500 ml

Nubian Goat’s Milk & Chai Hand Cream

Protect those hands and nails from the dry and cold weather! This ultra-feminine hand cream is the perfect nutrient rich winter cream. The tall bottle might even last you through the entire winter season :)

Vegans note: this does contain goat milk; however, it is a cruelty free product and is made with organic and fair trade ingredients. The soft essential oil blend scent of mango seed and honeysuckle will have you using it even when your hands aren’t feeling dry.

Nubian Hand Cream Review

Where to Buy:

USA + Global: Nubian Heritage Online for $8.99 USD

RGB Nail Laquer in Oxblood

I fell in love with this nail lacquer last autumn and it’s made a reappearance in a big way back into this fall’s nail “wardrobe” (if you will).  The 5-free RGB Beauty makes this deep red which is edging into dark burgundy with some brown and purple hues never fails to get me compliments when I’m out and about. It’s the perfect fall/winter nail colour for any beauty.

RGB Nail Laquer in Oxblood

Where to Buy:

USA: EcoDiva Beauty – $18 USD
Canada: EcoDiva Beauty – EcoDiva Beauty – $20 CAD
Global: Online at RGB Cosmetics $18 USD

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I love, love, love my himalayan salt lamps. I have a couple around the house, and they give off the most soothing (and possibly healthy) light I’ve ever seen. I previously wrote on my himalayan salt lamp on my Instagram profile. They are probably some of my favourite at home lighting fixtures… healthy decor, how can you go wrong?! hehe

Himalayan Salt lamps are nature’s air purifiers – they can help to decrease allergens, electromagnetic pollution (think wifi, and the ions emitted from your computer/tv/mobile), moisture, as well as other pollutants in the air through the emission of negative ions. According to the Gamma website, placing a salt crystal lamp near your computer can help reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields.

Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp

Where to Buy:

Global – Amazon.com $19.76 USD

Petit Vour Luxury Vegan Beauty Box

I love getting my Petit Vour box each month. Never am I left disappointed when I open up this monthly gem.

Signing up gets you a box of 4-5 products, ranging from sample to full-size. The contents generally have a value of $35-45 (though sometimes much more). This month included Yarok’s Feed Your Ends Leave in Conditioner (LOVE this stuff which is great when winter starts to dry out your tresses in a not so pretty way), as well as Root Science’s Pure Balance cold-pressed plant oil with blue chamomile (contains high levels of Azule a powerful anti-inflammatory and skin healing component and chamomile (anti-allergenic, antibiotic and antibacterial properties – so it’s OK for acne prone skin too). This powerful oil assists in the healing and prevention of acne, eczema, dermatitis, broken capillaries and wounds. Plus you’ll find Ellovi’s famous lip butter, now in pretty tinted colour. Last you’ll get your hands on Lily Lolo’s Mineral Shadow, perfect for long lasting colour, or sheer blending shimmer – I got mine in sand dune.


Where to Buy:

Online at Petit Vour – $15 USD / month in US & $23 CAD / month in Canada

Have a beautiful and cozy weekend.