Ayurvedic Natural Beauty: An Introduction to PRATIMA Skincare

Ayurveda. It’s no new topic to the pages of LPN. You might have heard about it before here, here, here and here¬†(among a few other posts). While I won’t re-hash what Ayurveda is, I’ll give you a beauty-focused description from none other than the Queen of Ayurvedic beauty herself, Pratima Raichur: “A holistic science over 5,000 years old carries which carries a profound body of knowledge for understanding ourselves within the laws of nature. According to Ayurveda, each individual and {Read More}

Etsy Find: A Selection of Products by Natural E NYC

Once in a while the small little boutiques on Etsy do great things in the natural beauty area. Small stores mean handmade batches, and a good chat with the creators themselves. I was contacted by Elaine from Natural E NYC (she’s based in New York) who is creating hand-made batches of wonderful products that focus on Ayurvedic principles. Here are a few of my favourites (I will be posting on their haircare in the not-so-distant future too). Natural E Gentle {Read More}