LPN’s October Faves: Natural Beauty and Healthy Home Products

It’s one of those grey, beautiful Sundays and I just can’t get enough of cozying up inside with a giant mug of tea and a pile of natural beauty products that I wanted to share with you. Here they are, my October natural faves. Here’s what I’ve been loving for the last 30 days. True Moringa by MoringaConnect found on Gloss48 MoringaConnect was founded by two Harvard grads who discovered the magic of the Moringa tree – both for skincare/nutrition purposes {Read More}

September Favourites: Natural Beauty Products & Some Other Faves

I am a “seasons girl”. I love them all, but every time October rolls around, I am reminded how much I absolutely adore the fall… Everything becomes so much more cozy. The sweaters come out of hiding, the wooly socks make their way back onto my feet, the vegetable-based candles get lit, my tea cupboard starts to need replenishing and all of a sudden I am really in the mood for making soups and baking (gluten-free, of course!). But beyond {Read More}

10 Foods for Clear, Glowing Skin – Guest Post from Clear Skin Guru Olivia Jenkins

Happy Friday LPN’ers! Today I have something special for you, a guest post from the natural beauty Olivia Jenkins, a specialist when it comes to beautiful skin from the inside out. We’ve often discussed on LPN about healthy recipes and foods that are great for your skin and natural beauty; today Olivia is rounding up her Top 10 picks for clear & glowing skin. Enjoy! X K There’s nothing we want more than a clear, glowing complexion. But it seems {Read More}

Vegan Cuts: The Be Cruelty Free April Box Special Edition Review

My lovelies, I’ve been away for these past couple weeks focusing on some big changes in my life. It is taking me some time to get my head around what has been happening. While I’m healing, I want to thank you for being so patient and continuing to visit each week. I love my LPN readers. You guys brighten up my day. <3 On with the show! I’ve received a lot of “beauty boxes” in my day – and I {Read More}

Natural Hair Removal & Silky Skin: BodyHonee, Matarrania & C&Co Naturals Reviews

During the winter, I find it a little easier to let my leg hair get long enough for a wax. The problem with removing hair with the drugstore products (and even spa products, for that matter) is that they often contain toxic ingredients. Everything from chemicals that literally dissolve your hair, to the chemicals in that foamy shaving cream. And waxing, well wax often contains mineral oil, parabens, artificial fragrance compounds, butylated hydroxyanisole (BHT) and artificial colours. Needless to say, {Read More}

The Top 5 Natural Perfumes: Natural “Perfume” for Every Beauty

Move over Chanel No. 5, there are some new (non-toxic) girls in town! Look it up on the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetics Database, and you’ll quickly see why artificial fragrance should be kicked out of your beauty routine! Not only is it bad for the environment (all products with fragrance are – everything from conventional laundry detergent, to shampoo and soap), fragrance is also found to be a known human immune toxicant & irritant. Further, conventional fragrances (perfumes) also contain {Read More}

The Ultimate Natural Beauty Gift Guide

With the holidays rolling right around the corner, I figured I would follow up on last year’s holiday post and create another “ultimate gift guide” for the natural beauties in your life. This year, I’ve done things a little differently and separated them into categories, so you will find perfect little gifts for everyone. I hope you (and the lucky receiver) enjoys! Perfect Presents for the Subscription Lover We all have those friends that love subscribing – not only are {Read More}

My Evening Routine + Loads of LPN’s Evening Product Faves

Don’t forget to comment on the bottom of the post, and let me know what helps keep you grounded at the end of your day. Which natural goodies can you not live without? xx A little while ago I received a very sweet email from a special LPN reader who asked me about my evening routine. She wondered this after reading my morning routine in a previous post earlier this year – check that out here. I live the average person’s {Read More}

Living Pretty, Naturally: The 2013 Man-Fave Edition – Natural Products for Men

As a natural beauty blogger it is next to impossible to live with someone you care about dearly and watch them use chemically-ridden products… and for an outspoken gal like me, I admit it is –  and was – impossible. Over the past few years I have been slowly (and maybe somewhat sneakily) replacing the bf’s products with natural ones. He’s now 100% natural when it comes to personal care products (with the exception of cologne, which he refuses to {Read More}

Guest Post: Eco Market Blogger Jo Chats About Beach Worthy Skin, Naturally

In line with my post on bronzing your skin for summer, naturally, Jo from over at Eco Market sent in some fab tips for summer ready skin. In hindsight, I would recommend following her tips prior to using the products listed in my natural sunless tanning post to achieve an even glow. She has linked in this post products sold on Eco Market, a cool “Etsy-like” concept (an online marketplace) where you can buy natural products directly from the sellers that make {Read More}

Bronzed Skin, Naturally? No Sun Required – Melvita’s ProSun, Green People’s Self Tanner & Living Nature’s Bronzer Reviews

Summer. Ohh, summer. While it is one of my favourite seasons, I certainly am no sun goddess. In fact, it might be accurate to say that I am one of the least qualified people to speak on anything with regard to bronzing in the sun… I avoid it as much as possible – SPF, hats and shade are my summertime saviours. However, if there is one thing I’ve learned a thing or two about over the years, it is natural {Read More}

A New Doctor is in Town: Dr. Woods Shea Vision Castile Soap & Exfoliating Daily Cleanser

There are a lot of doctors in the natural skincare playing field (Dr. Hauschka and Dr. Bronner’s for example). But today I want to introduce  you to a US based brand that takes natural to heart, Dr. Woods Naturals. Creating their soaps and oils all in the US, Dr. Woods has some pretty darn pure soaps and now, my new favourite body wash… Dr. Woods Peppermint Castile Soap   My first experience with Dr. Woods was with their Pure Peppermint {Read More}

Natural Oil Sunscreens: What You Need to Know & Badger Balm for Fool Proof Sun Protection

There has been a lot of chatter on the interwebs lately about using coconut oil (and other oils) for sunscreens – amazing that plants actually have natural sun protection in them, isn’t it? However, there are a few things you should know before you slather on coconut oil and pop out into the sun. Not all oils’ Sun Protection Factor (SPF) are created equal, and not all are strong enough for everyone. For those choosing coconut oil to be their sun protection of {Read More}

Jump into LPN’s Shower! Natural Beauty in the Shower

…. Figuratively speaking, of course! So we’ve chatted about the importance of a morning routine (read about mine here), and you’ve seen what’s in my bag (see that post here), I suppose the natural next step in relationship progression is to invite you into my shower… Ok, not literally, but at least show you which products make it onto my shower essentials list. Today I’m giving you a snapshot of all my shower favourites (I’ve also included my favourite pre {Read More}

LPN Facial Oil Feature: Spotlight on Blossom Jar Facial & Body Oil

If there is anything I am fanatical passionate about when it comes to natural beauty (everything?), it is oil. Natural, unrefined, PURE, plant-based oil. It is the one product that I refuse to skip in my skincare routine, regardless of how late a night it has been. Every evening, without fail, this plant-based miracle makes it onto my face. What’s A Facial Oil Feature? Since starting up LPN, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about facial oils, in particular what to {Read More}