LPN’s iHerb Shopping Cart – My Fave Natural Beauty & Wellness Buys

I get a lot of questions about what products I use, foods I eat and beauty tips I use for my day-to-day life. This morning I was filling out an iHerb Order, and I thought to myself, it would be a good basis for a post – that is, just to share with you what I’m buying on this cloudy Hallowe’en Saturday in a chilly northern town.

So, that’s just what I’ll do. Today’s post is a simple sharing of my shopping cart – no tricks, just treats :)

So, what am I buying on iHerb today, and more importantly, why?!

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Weleda Skin Food – LPN’s Fave Natural Hand Cream

You’ve seen this one on my Instagram or Snapchat (snap.kate), I’m sure. It’s a fave and this time I was buying it for a friend – because no one you love should go with dry hands. Weleda makes the most lovely products, and Skin Food is no exception. It’s pure, gentle and extremely effective at helping to heal up those dry spots. That being said, don’t forget to drink your water.


EcoTools Airbrush Concealer – Fave Under Eye Concealer Brush

This brush is my go-to for setting my concealer. I use a 100% silica powder with this brush to set in my concealer under my eyes and on top of any spots or pigmentations I wish to cover up. It’s a stiffer brush, but still soften enough to use around the eye area.

Made by EcoTools, this brush is also sustainable and made from bamboo!


Earth Bounty’s Organic Noni Juice – Antioxidant Super Juice

Have you heard of noni juice before? The super juice that is touted as beign the reason behind Miranda Kerr’s ageless face, or the Raw Woman who is in her 70’s and looks 40! There are a lot of claims of the benefits of noni juice including its ability to fight cancer, lower cholesterol, increase energy, and to aid in weight loss. Whether the claims are true, one thing is for sure, I love to hate this each morning.

Noni juice tastes quite awful, to be honest. But with the juice being used for everything from arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, menstrual difficulties, headaches, heart disease, AIDS, cancers, gastric ulcers, sprains, depression, senility, poor digestion, atherosclerosis and circulation problems… it’s no wonder that you might want to add this to your health routine.



A note about noni: noni juice is very high in potassium, if you suffer from kidney disorders, or if you are on medications for high blood pressure, you should probably avoid it. Always consume noni juice as a supplement. Too much of this super juice can lead to problems in the liver – if you have liver damage avoid noni juice.

Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel – Anti Aging Gel

Not too long ago I wrote a post on a beautiful yogi, one of my teachers, Megan Cannon. This 40 year old beauty (who didn’t look a day over 29) swore by this budget anti-aging find. Since hearing her words of wisdom, natural aloe vera jelly has been on my natural beauty list for healing up sun damaged skin from a time long ago. I’ve been putting it on my face and chest at night along side some of my other beauty treatments and am loving the healing properties.


Artisana Raw Virgin Coconut Oil – Beauty Food Fave

You’ve seen post after post on coconut oil – it’s used for everything from skin moisturizer, hair mask, tooth whitener, natural lubricant, eye makeup remover and beauty food (to name a few).  I’m not going to go into details here around why I love coconut oil so much, rather, I’ll tell you I love THIS coconut oil (and have for quite some time). Artisana uses only organic raw foods and use a temperature controlled process that preserves the life-essential fatty acids, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, making this coconut oil seriously effective (and delicious).


Jason Natural Toothpaste Tea Tree Oil & Cinnamon (Fluoride Free) – Bathroom Cupboard Staple

This is my favourite all time toothpaste. I use it on the daily and have yet to find one I like better. The flavour is natural (not medicinal) and it protects my teeth from tartar and cavities without fluoride. There are a tonne of studies both for and against the use of fluoride for protection of the teeth. The more I read around it being cancer-causing and toxic, the more I stay away.

For this reason I stick to my natural toothpaste, oil pulling and a little brush with baking soda here and there for a whitening effect.


Megafood Women’s One Daily – Multivitamin

I don’t like taking too many supplements — as I prefer to get my nutrients from the food I eat. That being said I do take a food based multivitamin from MegaFood. For me, it’s almost a little “security” that I am getting enough of the nutrients that my body needs to thrive. This particular product is great for reducing stress and hormone balancing as well.

Because it’s food-based, you can take it on an empty stomach (no upset stomachs here) and your body will digest the nutrients more effectively since they are based on foods — and not synthetic. Why does this matter? When your body recognizes a substance, you absorb more, and avoid creating “expensive pee”. ha!


Traditional Medicinal’s Detox Tea – For hormone balance

If your like many women these days, we could use a little help balancing our hormones. Whether its environmental factors from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the products we use, our liver can be a bit taxed. These is also where excess estrogen is harboured in teh body. I notice that when I do get acne, it’s almost always around my chin: prime place for hormonal acne.

This tea is made with dandelion root and is absolutely fabulous for cleansing the liver and kidneys gently. I often drink this tea on an empty stomach in the mornings. It’s also just great as a general detoxing tea.


Earth Circle’s Goji Berries – Anti-Aging Food

In my smoothies, on my oatmeal, as a snack, on top of a salad, just because — goji berries are my favourite little addition to almost anything. Because of their antioxidant rich nutrient profile, the goji berry is a great addition to your anti-aging beauty routine. The antioxidants work to reduce inflammation in the body, as well as help repair damaged skin cells (from the sun, from scars, from acne… and so on). They’re also rich in vitamin A, so good for your vision too!


A little note on goji berries: they have some anticoagulant properties, so if you’er on blood-thinning medication, it’s best to avoid.

Wedderspoon Organic’s Manuka Kfactor 16 Honey – Beauty Food Fave

What’s the deal with honey, hunny? Well it’s a beauty food both inside and out. Here’s why:

  • On your skin: honey is a natural humectant, meaning it attracts and retains the moisture in the air, leaving your skin soft and supple.
  • On your skin and in your belly: It contains antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals. This protects your skin from sun damage and improves the skin’s ability to rejuvenate and refresh itself.
  • On the skin and in your belly: As a natural antibacterial, honey speeds the healing of infections and wounds, including acne!
  • On your skin: Honey is fantastic for those with sensitive skin because it’s an anti-irritant!
I love Wedderspoon’s Manuka honey – the KFactor gives an indication of how “active” the honey is. That is, it guarantees how much of the pollen grains in the honey are actual manuka pollen grains. K-Factor 16 guarantees 75% manuka pollen grains.  Manuka honey is rich in nutrients (calcium, zinc, potassium, magnesium, iron… the list goes on), enzymes, and antioxidants.
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Happy weekend, gorgeous!