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LPN’s February Natural Beauty & Wellness Faves

Spring is on its way, but the weather is still cold enough up here to warrant a few skin faves that are good for those dry skin blues and transition temperatures. This month’s faves is a lot on skincare, but I’ve also tucked in one fave for the spirit. Here’s what I’m loving this February: Living Libations Cell Serum & Dew Dab Living Libations is a seriously cool brand. I came across them when I was traveling home for Christmas {Read More}

Naturally Boost Your Immunity – Guest Post with Leela Yoga Co-Founder Kelsi

It’s that time of year – that awkward in between stage when the weather isn’t sure if its spring or winter. While being “in between” can be a little uncomfortable, there are things we can do to make things a little easier (think growing out bangs + bobby pins). ;) One of my favourite people on this planet is back again (you might remember her from Holiday Gifts for the Yogi post back in December) – Kelsi. Not only is {Read More}