LPN’s April & May Faves: Natural Beauty Love

This might be considered cheating — but I slammed April & May faves into one post this month. Why? Well, because life has been a bit crazy as of late and I haven’t been able to update as frequently as I would like. Excuses aside, summer is coming and I can’t wait to have a bit more time to tell you about all the wonderful goodness I’ve come across over these last few months. In today’s post, I’ll focus on {Read More}

LPN’s October Faves: Natural Beauty and Healthy Home Products

It’s one of those grey, beautiful Sundays and I just can’t get enough of cozying up inside with a giant mug of tea and a pile of natural beauty products that I wanted to share with you. Here they are, my October natural faves. Here’s what I’ve been loving for the last 30 days. True Moringa by MoringaConnect found on Gloss48 MoringaConnect was founded by two Harvard grads who discovered the magic of the Moringa tree – both for skincare/nutrition purposes {Read More}

Best Natural Shampoos & Conditioners – An LPN Special

I’m pretty sure I have been testing for this post since last summer. I kid you not. I sent out a tweet about a year ago and was bombarded with products and companies claiming to have the best in haircare. I tried a great many products – some samples and some full bottles. Well loves, I think it’s safe to say, I have found the best of the best in natural haircare and FINALLY will be sharing the results of my {Read More}

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Wooden Brush: LPN’s Fave Hair Brushes and Comb

For the better part of a year, I have been working on a hair post. I have tried everything I could get my hands on.. and I’m still in the process. But before I start digging into all that is good and great in the natural haircare product world, I thought I’d share with you a quick, but useful post on my hair care tools: the wooden masterpieces that keep my hair healthy and strong. Today I’m sharing with you {Read More}

The Beauty Benefits of Honey & Why You Should Incorporate It In Your Diet & Beauty Routine

Today I have a very special guest post from beautiful Selina who sent along a brilliant post for LPN to share with you. After you’ve had a little read, I’ll give you some of my thoughts. It’s all about the honey, hunny! Guest Post from Selina Torres I often tell people I’m a foodie, but what I really mean is that I’ll eat nearly anything you put in front me. If it’s sweet, there’s a chance you may even lose {Read More}

Coconut Oil – Your Best Natural Beauty Friend

Oh you’ve heard about it time and time again, but there is nothing like a little refresher now and again, right? This post was inspired for three reasons: I thought my last post on coconut oil for beauty could use some updating There is a new e-book on Coconut Oil for Beginners (it focuses on coconut oil’s variety of uses for health, weight loss, beauty, and recipes) I had a wonderful guest post submission from the lovelies over at Lucy Bee Extra {Read More}

Jet Set & Ready to Go: What’s in my Beauty Bag for a Weekend in Paris

If Instagram hasn’t yet updated you, my absence was due to a quick jaunt to my favourite city on this planet, Paris. I hold this city near and dear to my heart; it is home to some of my greatest memories since my first visit in 2006. Since then I have travelled to Paris a few times a year, and even had the amazing experience of living there with one of my best friends. When said bestie told me she {Read More}

Natural Beauty in the Bag – My “Can’t Live Withouts”

Happy Friday Beauties! Today I felt a kink in my shoulder after carrying around my giant purse all day (#girlproblems). When I finally got home I decided to go through it and figure out what I could live without when I am out and about. In doing this I realized most of the weight was a result of my natural favourites which, one-by-one, magically made their way into my bag that could probably fit a small child. I figured, people {Read More}

My African Adventure – A Photographic Journey in Natural Beauty (and some other fun stuff)

I’ve missed you, beauties! But I am now back from an amazing trip to Africa and wanted to share my journey (and beauty finds) with you. Below are some photos from the sights, the people, the experiences and the beauty of Senegal, Africa. I joined some amazing people on a whirlwind trip around this beautiful country and was even blessed enough to experience a (royal) African wedding. Join me on my journey below: This is a sunset picture of the {Read More}

Natural Treatment for Dry Hair – Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask Review

I usually don’t recommend products after a first try, after all, first dates can be deceiving. But this one stole my heart at first use and there was nothing I could do about it. I guess you could say I fell in love in 15 minutes. You’re probably sick and tired of me talking about long hair, but to all my fellow long-haired natural beauties, I can promise you will appreciate this find. Today’s post is on Melvita’s Capiforce Hair {Read More}

Natural Cure for Dry Hair – Melvita Argan Oil Review

There were a few things I needed to stock up on in Paris and Argan oil was one of them. I guess every other Parisian Parisien had the same dry hair issue I did, because from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning, I could not find my favorite Melvita brand for the life of me. Until Mademoiselle Bio in the 9th arrondissement came to my rescue. If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a BIG HUGE fan of natural oils. {Read More}

Best 100% Natural Moisturizer for Body and Hair – Benefits of Coconut Oil

Visiting one of my girlfriends in London last week, I saw a funny looking jar in the bathroom…one that I usually find in my kitchen. Sitting there a top some beauty products was a big mason jar full of coconut oil ready for slathering on her bod post shower. She raved, so I had to try. Admittedly I’ve thought about it before and used it on my feet as an over night treatment, but never thought to try it as {Read More}

Natural Shampoo: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo for Dry Hair Review

I have really long hair. I’m not talking below the shoulders; more often than not my hair is almost hitting my bellybutton, so for me, shampoo is a big HUGE deal. I have always had a difficult time keeping the entire length of it shiny and soft (naturally) until I found this glorious product. Aubrey Organic’s Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo for Dry Hair is brilliant. It contains sweet macadamia nut and rose oil, so it smells lovely and the pretty honeysuckle {Read More}

Natural Dry Shampoo: Lulu Organics Hair Powder Review

We all run a little late sometimes, and lets face it, washing your hair every day is one of the quickest ways to strip it of its natural shine. That is where dry shampoo comes in – and thank goodness for it! Over the past while I’ve used a multitude of variations of dry shampoo, until I realized that most of the powders had Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate – an ingredient boasting a dangerous number 9 on the Cosmetics Database safety {Read More}