Natural Cure for Dry Hair – Melvita Argan Oil Review

There were a few things I needed to stock up on in Paris and Argan oil was one of them. I guess every other Parisian Parisien had the same dry hair issue I did, because from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning, I could not find my favorite Melvita brand for the life of me. Until Mademoiselle Bio in the 9th arrondissement came to my rescue.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a BIG HUGE fan of natural oils. They work miracles in your diet, on your skin and in your hair. The best part is that they are all natural and won’t pollute your body, thus keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy and glowing (they’re also good for your brain too! #nerdalert).

Argan Oil has many usages, but my primary love of this essential fatty acid oil is because it does wonders for my super-long and often dry hair. How it works? Argan oil penetrates into the hair shafts and enhances the elasticity while providing nourishment. The antioxidants help to fix damages at the molecular level giving you smoother and shinier hair. I also love it because argan kernels produce a non-greasy oil (oxymoron?) and lock in your hair’s natural moisture.

How to Use Argan Oil

How to use Argan Oil depends on what you’re targeting.
For dry hair: Apply a generous amount of oil to dry hair starting at the ends, moving upwards, then wrap in a warm towel and leave for 30 minutes or even overnight. After the treatment, wash and style as usual
For dry scalp and dandruff: Massage into the roots in addition to the above method – repeat this once or twice a week
For frizzy hair: Use a drop or two of the oil, rub palms together and scrunch into ends
If you want to do a quick treatment, take a bath and apply the oil from tips to roots. Gently massage into your hair, then wrap it in a hot towel for 15 minutes. Wash your hair and style as usual.
The fatty acids and sterols in Melvita Argan Oil make it an effective treatment for dry or sensitive skin as well. It works its magic by boosting moisture levels and helping to repair skin damage. The magic oil also works great on your nails and cuticles and can even be used to massage sore joints – talk about a beauty savior!

About Argan Oil

The Argan tree is found only on the Moroccan coast and is considered a Berber beauty secret.  The Melvita oil is made from un-roasted argan kernels (it is important you are using raw Argan Oil to reap the beauty benefits).

Melvita Argan Oil is fairly traded from the Ounarha Woman’s Co-operative in Essaouira (this makes my heart smile, as I am big supporter of social entrepreneurs). The women there hand-crush the kernels and then extract the oil using a cold-pressing system. Cold pressing is important in order to preserve the beauty benefits of Argan Oil – check your labels.

How Much?

Melvita Argan oil also  complies with the ethical criteria for fair trade, so you can feel good while looking good. Find Melvita Argan Oil for about $24 USD for a 50 ml bottle.

Where to Buy:

Melvita USA

Global Stores

Skin Store


It’s no wonder those in the know call Argan Oil “liquid gold”.



*It is important that I leave you beauties with a final word about buying oils: When purchasing, always be sure to check the date, expired oils will do more harm than good to your body.