A Guide to Homemade Cosmetics Using Coconut Oil


Another fantastic infographic, I had to share it with you from the folks at the Health Perch blog.

You will be testing at the same time as I, so keep me posted on your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • westingwellness

    I’m using the Coconut oil and Teatree Oil on a pimple right now! Works like a charm:)

  • Oh I love this info graphic! Coconut oil is one of my to-go natural ingredients for hair treatment, but there’s so much more I haven’t tried (yet!). Thanks for sharing, heading to Health Perch Blog right now for more:)

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

  • Amy Johnson

    Hi Kate,

    I love this! I have tried most of these, and i am currently using the deodorant as well as the body butter. Coconut oil has been a god sent in my life. :-)

  • eleventh beauty

    This is awesome! I can’t wait to try some (ok, all) of these recipes. Thanks for sharing!

  • SMorganWriting

    This is a great source of information on coconut oil! We have a superb list of natural beauty product recipes on our Facebook, check it out here

  • Artik Lily

    OMG – never thought coconut oil could be used to make an eyeliner! Great recipes! :)

  • Lacy

    It’s amazing the things you can do with all natural products. Thanks for sharing this infographic.

  • I love this infographic. I use a hair mask with avocado, banana and coconut oil.

  • zuzazak

    Oh and just to say I’ve been having Coconut oil in my green tea for a while now and it works from the inside too

  • Awesome!! Have you ever used coconut oil by itself as a hair mask? Wondering if I should incorporate the other ingredients..

  • aliceie rodriquez

    I think everyone will agree on this that the home made cosmetics are trusted more over the other alternatives. Talking about coconut oil, It is very essential for skin ex-foliation and other skin related things. The posts about the homemade cosmetics with coconut oil is very reliable and seems effective as well.

  • Great illustration given for the coconut oil using product, there are many products from Clarisea which contains coconut oil.

  • I think the word home made says it all. Anything that is home made will definitely have something effective and will work Positively. People can try for these home-made cosmetics or else can adhere to the skincare products like dermology that have the natural ingredients along.

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