Lip Therapy Love – Osmia Organics Lip Repair & Lip Luster Review

If you’re new to the LPN community, you may or may not know that I am a little hugely enamoured with lip products. There is rarely a point during the day where my lips are bare… but how can you blame me when there are products like Osmia’s out there? I spent the last little while with two of their lip products and am a true Osmia convert. Created by the lovely Sarah, an MD turned natural beauty products wizard, Osmia Organics is a new addition to my faves list. The purest ingredients are found on the backs of her labels, and the natural scents are what keeps a “scent sensitive” girl like me coming back for more.

Osmia Honey Myrr Lip Repair Review

Made with Manuka Honey, a healing phenom in the natural wellness world, as well as tamanu oil (known to help regenerate skin) and myrrh (which softens dry skin, helps prevent premature aging, rejuvenates the skin, and improves circulation – can you say saviour?), this lip repair is one of the best – and most natural – on the market.  On the pictured image above, I took it before usage. When you do use this product, you actually have to push through the seal of the product and get into all the good stuff. It’s perfect for layering on before bed so it can work its magic while you sleep; however, I also use it throughout the day (it’s great under a matte lipstick) and in the AM when I get up.

A beautiful thing about this product is it doubles as a chapped skin healer. Even those with the driest of lips, this one will work wonders. All the healing properties of the lip repair can also be used on dry allergy-ridden noses and even dry cuticles.

Grab yourself a little jar of reparation and anti-aging treatment for $22 on Osmia’s site here.

Osmia Lip Luster Gloss Review

My other weakness when it comes to lips? Smooth jelly lip glosses. At first I was first a little scared off by the deep red colour of the tube, but after putting it on, I fell in love. You can see by the picture above that it is anything but overwhelming in colour (and just to clear up any questions about the spot on my lip, that is my lip freckle and not a flaw in the lip gloss :-). The colour is created by wild-harvested alkanet powder and organic beet root-infused castor bean oil. The rest of the ingredients include organic beeswax, lanolin (if you’re lanolin sensitive, take note) and GMO-free vitamin E. So pure and simple, I was an immediate fan.

To use, I applied directly on my lips with the tube and then blended the gloss with my finger to spread the colour evenly. It isn’t sticky at all, which means I am not eating my hair all day (ladies with long locks can empathize with this tribulation). Grab a $15 tube on Osmia’s site here.

Have a beautiful Sunday LPN’ers!