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Conscious Box & LPN Team Up

Beauties, I've missed you! I've been light on the blog updating over the last few weeks after a trip to Paris, a trip to Berlin and of course trying to keep up with the day job. To apologize and show my appreciation, I'm teaming up with the wonderful people over at Conscious Box for an LPN Giveaway!

The Prize

The prize is a 3-month FREE subscription to Conscious Box, a monthly box that helps you discover the some of the purest and healthiest natural products in the world, and they're all sourced from the most ethical companies! Each box contains everything from natural beauty to health food and non-toxic home goods, essentially you will be finding new ways to "live pretty naturally" ;-) If you can't wait for the contest to end, you can subscribe to a monthly gift-to-yourself full of natural goodies here.

How to Enter

Entering is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Sign up for the LPN Newsletter on the righthand side of the page --> (if you're already on the list, move on to # 2)
  2. Tweet about the contest & be sure to include @livingprettynat  & @consciousbox in your tweet **(If you don't have twitter, you can get away with completing steps 1 & 3, just note that in your post below)
  3. Comment at the bottom of this post and include: Your country of residence & your favourite natural beauty product and/or brand
That's it!
Contest Closes June 24th at 5 PM PST (West Coast).
Stay tuned for winners!

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  • Lindsay S

    Thanks K! My favourite beauty brand is RMS Beauty and I live in the US.

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Good Luck Lindsay!

  • Erin

    Brand: Amala & Country: Canada

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Erin! Good Luck!

  • Donna F.

    United States. I love Josie Maran Cosmetics, especially the 100% argan oil!

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Another argan oil lover! Good luck Donna!

  • Sharon Martin

    Hi Kate, I live in Australia and my fave natural beauty brand at the moment is Phyts (certified organic skincare) http://phyts.com.au

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      That’s a new one :-) Thanks Sharon!

  • Caroline

    Country: Singapore/United States
    Fav. Brand: Blissoma or Naturalogic (from Etsy) :)

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Love Blissoma! Good luck Caroline!

  • Lara O’Donoghue

    Product- Josie Maran Argan Oil, Country- Canada :D

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Love that stuff too! Good luck!!

  • Cameron

    United States. My favorite brand has to be Evanhealy :)

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Good luck Cameron! Thank you :-)

  • Juju

    Country France :) – favorite brand: Aroma-Zone for all their amazing natural products (oils, essential oils and floral waters). Bisous ma belle!

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Gros Bis! Aroma-Zone, will need to check them out! x

  • Jessica

    United States! And my favorite beauty product isn’t really a brand but coconut oil! I use it for everything–moisturizing, defrizzing, AND cooking!

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Yes! Coconut oil! The best! x

  • lynne

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite! But I am currently trying some Blissoma products and loving them. I’m in the US, and sorry but I don’t tweet:)

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Big fan of Blissoma too! No worries about the tweeting. I’ve updated that on the post to accommodate anyone who doesn’t have a Twitter account. x

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  • Heather

    Love your website! My current country of residence is the United Arab Emirates, but in two weeks will be Canada :) My current fave products are A’kin (by Purist) in particular their sandalwood facewash. Sorry, no tweeting ;)

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Heather! So fantastic, I’m heading back to Canada for a holiday – my home :-) Thanks for entering.

  • Kaitlyn Schisler

    I’m in the United States, and my favorite natural beauty product is Lavanila Fragrance in Vanilla Grapefruit!

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Lavanila is great – I love their Lavender Vanilla :-) Thanks for entering Kaitlin!

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  • Lyss

    lavera – usa

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Lyss :-)

  • Chloe Shaw

    Hi my fav natural brand would be KORA , I just love the fact it c trains rosehip and the way it makes my skin feel! I live in England , sorry don’t tweet .

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Chloe! Kora is lovely – and so is Miranda Kerr! x

  • Alison

    I am in the United States. My favorite natural beauty product is coconut oil! I use it for so many things!

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Alison! Coconut oil has to be one of the best beauty tools!

  • averydog

    From the U.S.; I’m loving coconut or almond oil with essential oils

    • http://livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks Avery! Oh yes, almond oil too! It’s so great as a moisturizer. x

  • Andi Marus

    I live in the USA and I’m fairly new to natural beauty. (I’ve only been trying to switch in the last month!) Of what I’ve tried, I’d have to say my favorite natural beauty product is either my ZuZu Luxe liquid eyeliner or foundation.

  • Amarilis Peña

    Hola! From Puerto Rico. Coconut oil for so many things! From beauty to cooking! :)

  • Julia

    America, Badger is my favorite company.. I just love them!
    p.s. I do not have a twitter

  • PattyC

    I am from the United States and I LOVE Evan Healy products. I get so many compliments on my skin. Sorry, I don’t tweet.

  • Marielle

    Hello from Dominican Republic!! My favorite natural beauty product is honey, it leaves my hair and skin so pretty :]

  • Mehtab

    Big Fan of Korres – loving the new wild rose brightening sleeping facial at the moment :)

    From Australia.

  • Alicia Cram

    Living in New England (US), I use coconut oil daily! For everything! My fair skin thanks me for it.

  • Claire

    I’m twitter-less, but I’m from the US and my favorite beauty product is coconut oil. I use it for face wash, for lotion, mix it with baking soda as deodorant… it’s fantastic and I basically smell like the tropics.

  • Carmen Rivera

    From PUerto Rico. Amazing, i loved and mi favorite products is Aloe Vera drink, its very nice,. Drink this products and take mis quimioterapies. Honey and Tea leaves (Green Tea and Anies). From Puerto Rico. @livingprettynat Thank You

    • http://www.livingprettynaturally.com/ Living Pretty Naturally

      Thanks for dropping by honey! xx



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