LPN’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Part I: Gifts for the Yogi

Gorgeous, it’s that time of year again!

The Christmas holidays are undoubtably my favourite time of year. Family, good friends, good food, memories, music and love. It doesn’t get much better than that.

While I’m packing my bags to get ready to head home for the holidays, I also have been thinking about the LPN gift guide. So, without further adieu, here is Part I of LPN’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Today’s post is for the yogi in your life. You’ll find gifts both big and small – perfect for the bendy guy or gal in your life.

Tiny Devotions’ Mala Bead Stacks

Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 11.04.00 PM

Tiny Devotions has some of the most beautiful mala bead creations in their online shop. Check out their entire collection here. The mala stack featured here is the Bardot Stack, yes, inspired by the 60’s beauty icon Bridget Bardot. The stack features Yellow and Cherry Quartz, Sky Blue Fire Agate, Lotus + Cherry Quartz + Sky Blue Fire Agate.

Where to Buy

Shop this stack for $127 USD at Tiny Devotions.

 AloYoga Goddess Ribbed Yoga Tights

BLABAlo Yoga’s Goddess ribbed two-toned tights have been all the rage this year. If you haven’t seen them you’ve either been living under a rock or not following any of the yogi insta-famous yogis. These super comfy and fashionable tights have taken the yoga-world by storm. Get your bestie a pair, heck, gift yourself a pair. They come in tonnes of colour combinations too, so you will rarely find yourself a twin while in downward dog.

Where to Buy

Shop online at AloYoga.com for $94 USD

Manduka Yoga Cork Block

Manduka Cork block

Give the gift of stability this year! For your yogi friends who love alignment, the Manduka Cork Yoga Block is a great tool for home practice, as well as to take to the studio. The blocks are made of sustainable cork from the bark of the cork tree which is firmer than foam blocks, but not as hard as wood. Further, it’s smooth and allows for easy grip – oh, and cork, it is naturally antimicrobial too!

Where to Buy: 

Find online at Manduka.com for $20 USD

Tibetan Tingsha


Tibetan Tingshas are small Prayer Chimes used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks, Yoga Teachers, Holistic Health Practitioners, and Meditation Groups. Pick these up for your yogi comrades to help start and end their meditation, yoga class, or for space clearing to remove negative energy. Tingshas come in a matched pair, held together by a leather or canvas cord. They are played simply by tapping the rims together to make a chiming sound. Tingshas have varying emblems and symbols embossed on the outside. This pair is embossed with the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum.

Where to Buy:

Shop online for $14.98 USD on Amazon.com

Blissoma Yoga Mat Cleaner


My favourite yoga mat cleanser has made it on the blog before, so it’s not surprise it’s on my gift giving list this year too. With this cleanser sweat and dirt are no match. It’s a simple and pure spray that is perfect for before and after practice. Simply mist your mat before or after use, wipe with a cloth to ensure even distribution, allow just a brief moment to dry and you’re set.

The cleansing powers of this yoga mat spray come from Certified Organic Soapbark extract, which contains natural saponins to loosen dirt and oils, and a blend of essential oils including antibacterial/anti-fungal tea tree oil as well as calming lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, and palmarosa.

Where to Buy:

Shop online globally at Blissoma.com for $11.99 USD

Yoga Headstander


There are many benefits said to come from headstand poses, relief from colds and rejuvenation of the brain cells (what?!). A “Headstander frame” is a safe way to do a headstand as it allows you to gain the benefits from the headstand inversion, without affecting your head and neck. Both your head and neck are free and released allowing you to avoid injury or strain. This is a great tool for anyone you know who faces tension headaches.

Beginners can use the headstander up against a wall to safely come in and out of headstand.

Where to Buy:

Online, prices vary depending on location $190 on EMPIND.com 

Saje Wellness Yoga Transition Mist


This lovely all-natural body mist was created to encourage a calming breath and an easy transition into your yoga practice. Great for new and experienced yogis alike.

I spritz mine over my face, shoulders and chest before practice.I also love this mist at bed time as I find it really calming.  The essential oils of patchouli, rosewood,bergamot, and uplifting neroli help evoke feelings of well-being while the cardamom, cedarwood and calming vetiver help set intentions of kindness. You can also use this mist to gently clear the mind to move into your practice, or at the end of your session to help absorb the benefits of your yoga.

Where to Buy:

Shop on Saje Wellness Online for $12.95 CAD

bkr Glass Water Bottles


It’s the #1 part of your natural beauty routine: water. Why not carry it around with you in the most stylish bottle currently on the market? You’ve likely seen every celebrity and their dog carrying one of these eco-friendly and trendy water bottles this past year, and your gift list pals could be no different. bkr is designed with attention to detail the mouth is the perfect sipping size and the cap is leak-proof.  The colour selection is based on runway trends, so you can switch up your bkr each season – but if you fall in love with one, get on it, because Bkr is known for discontinuing colours at the end of a season.

bkr is made of BPA-free, phthalate-free, FDA approved materials. The bottle is soda-lime glass, the sleeve and gasket are non-toxic silicone and the cap is made of food-grade, recyclable polypropylene.

Where to Buy:

USA: EcoDiva Beauty for $35 USD
Canada: EcoDiva Beauty for $42 CAD
Nordic: Pureskin.no for 299 NOK
Rest of the World: MyBkr.com 

Pure  Prana Label Buckwheat Hull Meditation Cushion

il_570xN.576576001_k52d copy

Give the gift of peace of mind this holiday season with this lovely meditation cushion, made of sustainable and organic Ramie. The inner cushion is made of organic cotton, and filled with buckwheat hulls. It’s the perfect gift for the eco-conscious (yet stylish) yogi on your list.

Where to Buy:

Shop on Pure Prana Label’s Etsy shop for $94 CAD.

Check back soon for Part II of LPN’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.

Merry Christmas you vibrant beings <3