RMS Beauty Living Luminizer & The RMS “Un” Cover-Up Review

Oh, RMS Beauty, How I Love You

I love RMS Beauty. A lot. This brand of organic cosmetics has done nothing but impress me since I started testing out their products. It is one of the few organic makeup lines that feels nothing like makeup. In fact, the creators say it best themselves, “think of it as skincare with mineral colour.” It couldn’t be more true, that is exactly what this is – nourishing products for every skin type that just so happen to cover up imperfections and make your skin glow. I love it.

RMS Living Luminizer Review

Glow, baby, glow. The Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty has been on my must-have list since I pulled it out of the box. This is one product I will never live without. Perfect for any skin type, this will make you glow like an angel. The sheen it leaves on your skin allows it to sparkle in the light without looking like you’ve thrown a bunch of glittery mineral powders on your skin. Think of it as an extension of your own natural glow.

I use my luminizer below my eyebrows on my brow bones, on the cupids bow of my upper lip and  on my upper cheek bones. It is a daily asset to my beauty routine – I even dab this on days I’m not wearing “makeup”.

The ingredients are minimal and lovely:

  • Castor Seed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Tocopherol (Non-GMO)
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Mineral pigments (Mica &/or Titanium Dioxide)

Glow like a goddess after you grab this pot of gold from The Detox Market for $38 USD.

RMS “Un” Cover-Up Review – in Shade 11

Heavy makeup is a big no-no for sunny summer days. There is nothing like good daylight to reveal a bad makeup job. I love RMS Beauty’s Un Cover-Up because it avoids the look of wearing makeup. I suppose that is exactly why it got its name the “un” cover-up. It goes on smooth and silky and won’t stick into lines and while it may  not cover up your pesky blemishes, it is perfect for flawless complexion and under eye taming. I would especially recommend this for older skin as it won’t creep itself into fine lines like other makeup (which only helps to accentuate the signs of aging).

I use this as both a foundation and a buildable coverage concealer – it does the trick for both tasks, but I fear that I’ll run out too fast if I keep this up ;-)

The ingredients are the same as the Living Luminizer with the exception of different pigments.

This coverup is a permanent fixture in my beauty routine – get on it, beautiful!

Shop this magical compelxion fixer online at the Detox Market for $36 USD.

Scoring a Low 1  on EWG’s Cosmetic’s Database, this Organic makeup is top ranked both in efficacy and safety.

Curious about what else I love in the RMS line? Check out my previous blog featuring on their Lip2Cheek.

Looking forward to hearing about how much you love RMS too!