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  • Lady Grey

    Hey, loving your blog!

    I found you from this article on MBG.

    You’ve got some great posts :) + you’re so pretty! From what I can tell… your eyelashes… omg is all I can say.
    I’ve been thinking about starting my own website for a while now, kind of on similar subjects as you seem to be interested in. A little more focus on wellness/nutrition/recipes though. Any tips for getting started?

    Just wondering, how did you create your site? Is this from a template or did you do all the html/css yourself?

    • Thanks for your message and sweet comments!
      As for eyelashes, thank you :-) Lots of vitamins from whole foods (and a good mascara) is the secret ;-)
      As for getting started on the blog, it just takes a good program, like wordpress or blogger and a great idea. It’s quite easy to get started. I began with a template and now I do a bit of coding on my own. :-) There are lots of free templates online and others you can purchase.
      Let me know when your site is up and running. I ‘d love to see it.

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