A Small but Effective Brand for the Young (California) Girls – California Naturel Review + GIVEAWAY!

One of the best things about being a natural beauty blogger is finding out about the cool new brands entering the market…before everyone else (which in turn means you beauts get the dish early on too!).

As a rule, when companies ask to submit products to LPN for consideration, I am cautious when a brand has only a few products in their line. Sometimes that means they’re still working out the kinks, and in early days I know a lot can change. I don’t want to put LPN behind a brand that might not be the same a month from the time a post goes up…  But there was something about this brand and the folks at California Naturel that made me feel the need to agree to try the products – despite the line being small.

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California Naturel

The first thing that struck me was the bang-on packaging. The design of everything from the boxes to the bottles are fantastic. A friend of mine was over when I received these products, and she just so happens to be a graphic designer. She fell in love with the products before even opening the boxes to see the bottles and feel the product. Everything felt earthy, but at the same time, luxe and modern.

Who’s the product best suited for?

So yes, the branding and packaging is nice, but how was the product…

By in large this is a gentle product line, meaning it’s good for most skin-types, that being said, but I think this range will suit normal & combination skinned lovelies the best and will be an exceptionally good by for teens and younger beauties. The products are super gentle and won’t strip the skin, but for dry-skinned babes, you may find the line not moisturizing enough.

I would recommend this line for younger gals in teens and early twenties. It’s a perfect easy natural line that gives you what you need for youthful and clear skin – it’s non-comedogenic and packed with high quality ingredients.

California Naturel Gentle Cleansing Gel Review

Gentle Cleansing Gel California Naturel

The Gentle Cleansing Gel was my favourite product I tried in the California Naturel line. I love using gel cleansers with my facial brush, they are the perfect type of cleanser to use with facial brushes as they allow the brush to move across the skin without pulling or tugging the skin. The cleanser foams slightly, and lifts makeup, dirt and excess oil. My skin was flawlessly clean, but as I have pretty darn dry skin, I would recommend this product for normal, combination and oily-skinned beauties. Perfect for younger gals/teens with skin that just can’t seem to make up its mind!

The ingredients are super gentle – with the main ingredient being aloe vera leaf juice and lovely additions such as spirulina extract, and rose oil. There’s calming chamomile and cleansing soapberry.

You can shop the cleanser on California Naturel’s website for $33 for 120 ml.

California Naturel Gentle Balancing Complex Review (Combination to Oily)

California Naturel Balancing Complex

Now while I tried the product, it isn’t for my skin type, so I’ll talk more about the properties. This lightweight moisturizer goes on like a film. It’s clear and liquid, but still moisturizing without making gals feel greasy.  It still contains oils (although you might not know it) – anti-aging ones like argan and jojoba. It’s mattifying and probably the perfect moisturizer for oily-skinned beauties for the upcoming summer months. Great for teens fighting oily hormonal skin, and won’t cause more breakouts!

It contains aloe leaf juice, which calms the skin, as well as olive, argan, olive, oraange and sunflower oils for light moisturizing – oh and it smells like a lavender dream.

You can shop the balancing moisturizer on California Naturel’s website for $45 for 1.7 oz.

California Naturel Gentle Nourishing Cream Review (Dry to Normal)

California Naturel Nourishing Cream

The Nourishing Cream was a medium weight cream, and definitely the product of choice for dry-skinned gals. With key ingredients such as sunflower seed oil, alfalfa extract (fine line prevention) and aloe vera leaf juice, we find a calming and soothing cream. This is a great moisturizer for those that aren’t into the facial oil scene and prefer to use creams. The neroli, rosemary leaf and frankincense bring an earthy and uplifting scent to the mixture.

You can shop the nourishing cream on California Naturel’s website for $45 for 50 ml.

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