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Cover Up, Naturally! LPN’s Pick on the Best Natural Concealers

A few weeks ago I received an email from a LPN reader asking for help. Funnily enough, she was facing the same product conundrum I had been facing for a long time: what is the best natural under eye concealer?! As an NBB (natural beauty blogger), I’ve had my fair share of product trials – and when it has come to concealer, I have been hunting high and low for the most effective product (that’s not even all of them pictured below). Today am excited to bring you the best in natural concealers.

When I say best, I mean an under eye concealer that covers the dark circles, doesn’t set in the fine lines and isn’t too greasy so that your mascara ends up everywhere it shouldn’t be – and a concealer that camouflages spots, without looking dry, cakey and filled with chemicals.

Alright, so what procuts made it to LPN’s hot list? There were a few that provided good results — but I wanted to talk about the best results. Let’s get right to it!

For Under Eye

Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting Concealer in Fair


This one was love at first application. I use it on the daily. This concealer is hands down, one of the best. After writing my best in concealers post I came across this beauty and immediately Instagrammed it to spread the word. It’s FULL coverage – yes babes, full natural coverage. Use it on the spots, dots and all the other little things you’d rather blend in to your beautiful skin. I’m using this under eyes as well, and it’s perfect (again blended with a proper tool, like the beauty blender).

Shop online at The Detox Market

Jane Iredale’s Circle Delete Under Eye Concealer

Wowza – here’s the under eye winner, after years (?) of trying out everything under the sun under my eyes. I love RMS beauty’s un-coverup, and I’ve also really had a thing with Au Naturel’s concealer and Ilia’s really natural concealer – all are great for correcting a small amount of discolouration; however, nothing seemed to be enough after a series of late nights.

Upon my trip to Copenhagen with my girlfriends a few weeks ago, I tested almost every concealer I could get my hands on at Pure Shop. What I left with? My all time favourite natural under eye concealer.

Coming in yellow, peach and gold brown, Jane Iredale’s concealer has what you need for every skin tone.

I took home the Yellow (#1) as I find with purple-ish dark circles, yellow is the best at neutralizing the colour.  How to apply? With a concealer brush I blended the darker tone first in the corners under my eyes, then using the other side of the brush, I highlighted slightly on the inner corner and blended it downwards, first with my ring finger and then with my beauty blender.


Because it’s a thicker concealer, it actually covers! What I also do is set the concealer with a powder — I use 100% silica powder which is translucent. I use my EcoTools Airbrush concealer brush (which you met in last week’s post) to set the makeup and avoid mascara transfer to my under eyes. Setting is also essential for longevity of the concealer (especially if you’re using eye cream or facial oils).  I want to note that as with every concealer I’ve used, I always need to reapply at the end of the day (say, if I’m running to a dinner straight from work). So, needless to say, this is not “stage makeup” (what is, other than actual stage makeup, really?), but it’s a beautiful concealer that works.

Moringa butter, and avocado oil and green tea extract actually work as a “treatment” under the eye area – and the rest of the ingredients are beautiful and pretty darn natural.

Where to Buy:

Concealer – Global: Citrine Beauty for $30 USD

EcoTools Concealer Brush – Global: iHerb.com for $3.99 USD

Vapour Organic Beauty Illusionist Concealer

Another beautiful product is Vapour Organic Beauty’s Illusionist Concealer. The Illusionist Concealer is super easy to apply – although I prefer to use a brush on the makeup to my skin to prevent it from being contaminated when I’m using it on problem spots.

However, I have used it directly on my skin for covering dark circles. It’s slightly lighter than Jane Iredale’s Circle Delete, so it will never get into those fine lines, and it blends beautifully. Also the handy tube makes this one very convenient for the purse and on-the-go. I do the same here in terms of blending with a beauty blender and setting with silica powder and my EcoTools brush.


Illusionist’s light but enough pigment means you can use it in areas with different pigmentation (think around the nose in cold season) to instantly give the skin a healthier and more even appearance. Ingredients are organic, include soothing frankincense, antioxidant tulsi and calming lotus. I bought mine in 015 (pictured below). 

Where to Buy:

Vapour Beauty Online

For Spots & Pigmentation

Jane Iredale’s Disappear in Light

She did it again – Jane Iredale has done something so darn right when it comes to natural concealers. Her “Disappear” was actually the first concealer I tried and it stood against all the other products that I tried on my spots, my freckles and anything else I could find to cover up.


I have to admit, I was in doubt that I would ever find something so pigmented in the natural space that I could cover up the reddest of hormonal acne  – or the dark pigment spot I have above my eyebrow. This, well this… did. it. all. Like her under eye concealer, Jane Iredale’s Disappear also works as a treatment – again with the antioxidant packed Green tea extract, it has been shown to combat acne bacteria.

It comes in several shades – I went for light and that’s great for my “fairly fair” skin in the winter.

JI Disappear Shades

While I’m not crazy about the applicator (it’s a bit unsanitary if you’re putting it directly on your skin), I simple squeezed product onto a clean concealer brush and applied it gently to the area needing coverage. After that I patted it into disappearance with my Beauty Blender.

That being said it is not too good to be true. Here’s why:

The ingredients: as far as they go, they’re pretty good. BUT there is one not so nice one, PEG 100 Stearate. PEG 100 Stearate scores a 3 on EWG’s Skin Deep database for contamination concerns (not related to reproductive health). Still, for this reason, this won’t be my day-to-day concealer, but I will likely use it if I’m going out and need to ensure something is not seeing the daylight ;)

Where to Buy:

Global: Citrine Beauty for $30 USD

Alright beauties, there you have it. No need for the 20 others!



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  • Ali P.

    This post came at the perfect time for me! I will definitely be checking these out <3

  • Have you ever tried the Christopher Drummond (now Hynt Beauty) concealer, it is a game changer in my opinion! So heavy duty but still feels very lightweight on the skin. I couldn’t be without it!
    Rach xx

  • I completely forgot about the Jane Iredale Disappear concealer! It was the first one I ever tried too, and as you say is very pigmented. I might have to do a little bit of restocking…

    Mayah x

  • awesome post! I love JI blemish heal & conceal, the vapour one you mentioned is another fave, and my current fave is studio78 concealer – it’s seriously the perfect consistency!

  • Ophelia

    Ok I gotta try Jane Iredale concealer now. Thanks for sharing :)

  • This is such a cool list. Thanks for sharing. I love Vapor organics one, going to add that in my november favorite list on blog :)

    Surekha xx

  • I can’t find enough good clean makeup! Thanks so much for sharing all these- I was already eyeing up the ILIA :)

  • Love your blog! would love if you could check out my blog post on Vapour Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation at http://www.Brookandqueen.com

  • You can add Instantly Ageless to your concealer to remove under eye bags and fine wrinkles. Or use it before you apply the concealer both work well.

  • Grett

    Thanks for doing all this research. I’ve been searching for a new beauty routine for about 2 years now, ever since I developed an allergy to my former make-up.

    What’s the silica powder you use to set this concealer? I’d love to know!

    Thanks again!

  • Kristiane

    Hi! Do you know anywhere to buy the Hynt concealer that has lower shipping rates than Eco Diva Beauty?

  • Christiane Bégin

    Thank you, I will be buying a new natural concealer and your comments helped me to decide which one.


  • balmessence balmessence

    Hey !! Thank you for all this useful information on natural concealer :) these days everyone wants to use make up products that are organic and have no side effects .You can also have a look at some of great organic make up foundation and concealers here all natural makeup foundation and concealer

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