LPN Facial Oil Feature: Spotlight on Blossom Jar Facial & Body Oil

If there is anything I am fanatical passionate about when it comes to natural beauty (everything?), it is oil. Natural, unrefined, PURE, plant-based oil. It is the one product that I refuse to skip in my skincare routine, regardless of how late a night it has been. Every evening, without fail, this plant-based miracle makes it onto my face.

What’s A Facial Oil Feature?

Since starting up LPN, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about facial oils, in particular what to look for and which brands are the best. So, I’ve decided using my fair share of experience with facial oils, over the summer I will be doing several facial oil “features” to highlight the best brands producing natural oils.  I have a long list to get through, and I can tell you already, only the best will make the cut. On that note, I want these reviews to be specially accessible, and so these features will now have a new home under the menu bar “For Face” called “Feature Facial Oils”.

So with that, I give you the first in the Facial Oil Review Series: Blossom Jar.

About Blossom Jar

Created in small, handcrafted batches (love this) in Syndey, Australia, Blossom Jar has some high standards when it comes to who gets on their ingredient list. I love a girl with high standards mainly because it means nothing less than 100% –  100% organic, natural and vegan ingredients which include: cold-pressed nut, vegetable and fruit oils; flower blossoms, herbs, plants and roots; and therapeutic-grade essential oils. One of Blossom Jar’s unique features is its traditional infusion process that extracts the nutritive properties of carefully-selected organic flower blossoms, herbs, roots and leaves. This process takes 14 days to complete. 

Almond oil is the base for all of Blossom Jar’s products and additional cold-pressed and unrefined organic oils (***it is important that oils are cold pressed and unrefined to ensure the skin benefiting properties are intact).  Some of these added oils include jojoba (to tone down oil production) or rosehip (to moisturize and calm). Oh, and their preservative? 100% natural rosemary essential oil. You can check out there complete ingredients list here.

Blossom Jar: Facial Oil for Dry Skin (and solutions for every other skin type)

I’ve said it time and time again, you don’t need to have dry skin to reap the wonderful benefits of facial oils (although it is one of the reasons I was initially drawn to facial oils in the first place). Blossom Jar has specially crafted oils for any skin type – from oily (read why Blossom Jar promotes oil for oily skin), to hormonal (PMS problem skin? Menopause? There’s an oil for that), as well as sensitive to normal, and even masculine skin. Each is specially blended for a particular concern or skin type.

I had the pleasure of testing out the Dry Skin Facial Oil over the past few weeks, which is focused on moisture retention and fine line reduction. Packed with some heavy anti-aging hitters, I was a fan after barely finishing the ingredients list:

  • Rosehip seed oil – I’ve said it time and again, it is one of the best anti-aging oils out there
  • Kukui nut oil – full of fatty acids and antioxidants AND is able to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, helping to prevent *and* smooth wrinkles
Then the oil is infused (remember the infusion process we talked about earlier?) with the following herbs & oils:
  • Lavender – boosts circulation and detoxifies
  • Calendula – brightens and full of antioxidants
  • Geranium – regenerates dry and mature skin
  • Marjoram – promotes suppleness and relieves dry patches
  • Lavender – reinforces and soothes skin

LPN’s Results

After using this oil on all nights and most mornings since my last skincare trial, I was marvelling at the glow that it left. I found it to be comparably light to some of the other oils I’ve used – which is great for the summer months – and this made it quite lovely as a base in the mornings too. If you are dealing with severely dry skin, you may need to pair this with a serum or other treatment. As for other benefits I found with this oil, a more even skin tone, and the smoothest of skin (when combined with the rest of my skincare routine).

While the blend is wonderful, the scent is even more divine. I swear it is like diving into a herbal bath. Before application I literally breathe in the oils – Blossom Jar’s formulation also doubles as a mini aromatherapy treatment.  When I apply  my facial oils, I do a short but lovely massage on my face – another ritual I’ll write about in the next little while. I should note, as with most products, be careful around your eye area. Just because it is natural, does not mean it isn’t powerful! 

 You can shop 2 oz of this miracle elixir here for $60.

 Blossom Jar: Something Blue Glowing Body Oil

If you or one of your girlfriends is getting married, add this little gem onto the wedding shower gift list – actually, even if you’re not in that boat (#allthesingleladies), add it to your personal wish list. Handcrafted for brides-to-be, the Something Blue Body Oil is a must for glowing skin on the big day (or any day for that matter). The ingredients are picked for the nutritive properties for the skin as well as for their more symbolic properties:

  • Rose for Love (also soothing for dry skin, wrinkle reduction, and hormone balancing – one of the best anti-aging oils, you’ve heard that before)
  • Lavender for Devotion (also detoxifies skin and boosts circulation)
  • Heather for Admiration  & Protection (also an antioxidant rich anti-aging remedy)
  • Rosemary for Fidelity & Remembrance (also naturally preserves the oil for 12 – 18 months when stored properly in a cool dark place)
  • Marjoram for Joy, Happiness & Marital Bliss (also for relief of dryness and wrinkle reduction – great on sun damaged shoulders and chest)

LPN’s Results

I couldn’t help but slather this herby luxurious oil all over post shower. I mean, we always pay so much attention to our face, but our bodies are arguably as important to care for when it comes to protection and anti-aging. I used a little extra on sun damaged shoulders and chest, as well as around my cuticles, elbows and knees.  My skin was looking mighty radiant throughout the day. For those apprehensive about putting body oils on, fear not, natural oils will absorb easily – you will never be left looking or feeling greasy.

Pamper your skin leading up to summer (or the big day) with this gloriously pure Glowing Body Oil – you can shop 2 oz for $65, or 4 oz for $80 here.

I can’t wait to share more of the best in natural oils. Keep you eyes peeled.

Feed your skin, naturally.