LPN’s Fave {Online} Shopping Destinations for Natural Beauty

Where to buy natural beauty products?

Well this post has been a long time coming, as I’m often asked the question “Where or where do you shop?!”. Well, that really depends on two things:

  1. What I am on the search for
  2. What country I’m currently blogging from
You’ll notice on my blog, every product has a “where to buy link” but today I wanted to highlight some of my favourite multi-brand online shops that, without fail, have served me well in my natural beauty expedition (yes, I would consider this an expedition of sorts).  I have chosen not to include Amazon, but this is also a great resource for shopping online beauty, no mater where you are.
On that note, and without further adieu, I give you LPN’s Natural Beauty Shop Faves (and added on a couple extras that I’ve found in my search).

Click the photos to be taken on a magic ride of natural goodness.

USA? Okay! LPN’s Fave American Shops

Spirit Beauty Lounge: The Reigning Queen of Online Beauty

Spirit Beauty Lounge has brands for miles. If you’re based in the US (or globally) this online boutique has you covered from A-Z (or if you’re in Norway, from A to Å). :-) PS. notice their feature brand, Amala Beauty – a company I’m loving and have blogged on a few weeks ago.


Saffron Rouge: The Organic Specialist

Saffron Rouge is the US organic go-to. Each product sold must have at least one of the organic body care certifications, or provide sufficient evidence to that they are using certified organic content as much as possible.


Bella Floria: She’s Got High Standards

Yes, they carry fantastic brands and yes, they have the highest of standards. Bella Floria‘s owner, Emelyn Rodriguez selects lines to carry after going through each ingredient. I love this, because I know label reading isn’t necessary when shopping on her online store.

Oh, Canada! LPN’s Fave Canadian Shops, eh

As I’m a Canadian, I’m particularly in love with Canadian natural beauty shops (so long duties and long waits, hurrah!).

Fresh Faced: The East Coast Natural Beauty Mecca

I lose track of time when shopping at Fresh Faced – they have so many wonderful brands (their selection is nothing short of amazing) and they seem to have more coming in all the time. Customer Service is bar-none and I can’t say enough lovely things about them.


Eco Diva Beauty: The West Coast (or any coast) Beauty Destination

In a rush (or just impatient) to get your products fast? Eco Diva Beauty has shipping down like down-ward dog. Next day arrival is when I got my package. As a woman in business (yes, I write on natural beauty because it’s a passion, but my background is business, business, business), I appreciate efficiency to the “n-th” degree. Beyond that EDB has some of my favourite brands on tap (Soapwalla & One Love Organics to name a few).

The Best of British to you! LPN’s Fave UK Shops

Living in Norway often leads me to ordering from the UK (Norway, believe it or not, is not exactly the epicentre of natural goodness). Here are my go-to’s when I’m hanging out on the other side of the ocean.

Love Lula: The Organic Apothecary

Love Lula was one of the first organic beauty shops I found way back when I started LPN. They are always refreshing their product lists and letting you know what’s the best of the best.

Cult Beauty: The British Purveyor of Must-Haves

While Cult Beauty doesn’t specialize in natural beauty, they do have some great brands on their list (and a cool concept to boot). You can find RMS Beauty, Rahua, all the doctors: Dr. Bronner, Dr. Alkaitis & Dr. Hauschka as well as Fig & Yarrow to name only a few. If you know what you’re looking for, find an awesome selection of products and colours (when it comes to makeup) at Cult.

The Rest of the World!

Here are shops I’ve heard about, or found but never ordered from because they were far, far away. For those LPN’ers who are in other parts of the Globe, hopefully you can find what you’er looking for here:

Oceania: I Am A Natural Store  & Nourished Life

Asia: Charis Naturals 

Europe: Beauty Center Europe & Naturisimo

Africa (South): Nature’s Colours

South America: Beleza Organica

Antarctica: Couldn’t find one here, you may need to talk to the local penguins

What are your favourite Natural Beauty go-tos? This list is not exhaustive – tell me what I’ve missed!

Enjoy the weekend ahead, beauties!