Sprouted Greens Smoothie Recipe

Happy Tuesday Gorgeous! Here is a great recipe for those in need (or want) of a fibre packed detox – complete with sprouts and herbs! This type of smoothie is great with any sprouts you have – throw them in and throw them on top. I’ve blogged about the beauty benefits of sprouts before, and you can find all those details here. In the mean time, blend yourself up some greenie goodness.   Ingredients: Handful of parsley Handful of sprouts {Read More}

The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson Reveals Her Green Smoothie Recipe

I’m a big fan of the Green Juice/Green Smoothie in the morning, in the afternoon… heck, I love them all the time. Last month I blogged about my favorite Green Smoothie Recipe and the beauty benefits of drinking it daily. I am certain this is what celebrities are doing behind closed doors every morning in order to keep themselves looking fit and skin glowing… Ok, and working out 6 hours a day. ;) Well, she may not be a “celebrity” {Read More}

Best Green Smoothie Recipe: Blended Beauty Food

Many of us know that drinking green smoothies do great things for our skin, energy and everything else in between; however, not many people know that this is probably one of the best breakfasts for which your body can ask. Packed with nutrients and essential vitamins, it is no wonder you start the day feeling more energetic than you did the day before. Green Smoothie Recipe I’ve tried a multitude of Green Smoothie recipes, so here is an adaptation to {Read More}