My Evening Routine + Loads of LPN’s Evening Product Faves

Don’t forget to comment on the bottom of the post, and let me know what helps keep you grounded at the end of your day. Which natural goodies can you not live without? xx A little while ago I received a very sweet email from a special LPN reader who asked me about my evening routine. She wondered this after reading my morning routine in a previous post earlier this year – check that out here. I live the average person’s {Read More}

Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream: Pai’s Echium Anti-Aging Organic Eye Cream Review

This week has been slightly hectic, complete with tight deadlines and lack of sleep. It is during these times that a good eye cream is worth its weight in gold… and it is also the time when your eye cream shows its true capabilities. Pai’s Anti-Aging eye cream does lovely little wonders to the lovely little lines around my eyes.The magic trick it plays? Shrinking them! I smile a lot, so I guess it is normal that I would have {Read More}