Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream: Pai’s Echium Anti-Aging Organic Eye Cream Review

This week has been slightly hectic, complete with tight deadlines and lack of sleep. It is during these times that a good eye cream is worth its weight in gold… and it is also the time when your eye cream shows its true capabilities. Pai’s Anti-Aging eye cream does lovely little wonders to the lovely little lines around my eyes.The magic trick it plays? Shrinking them!

I smile a lot, so I guess it is normal that I would have some smile lines around my eyes. Regardless, I don’t have to like them. Pai’s Echium Anti-Aging Eye Cream is jam packed full of beautifying ingredients that are good for your skin and for your conscience. My hero ingredients are the Gamma Linolenic Acid (a cell regenerating acid) and Stearidonic Acid (an omega 3 with skin smoothing properties), which are both naturally occurring and fight the signs of aging like little invisible ninjas. These acids (don’t be scared off by the word “acid,” these are gentle) come in the form of the naturally occurring “Echium” which is now being hailed as the next natural anti-aging powerhouse.


The ingredients are so simple and pure and include key anti-aging ingredients such as my faves: rosehip oil, argan oil, vitamin A, vitamin E and a lovely essential oil neroli, among others. Almost every individual ingredient is certified organic, leaving you comfy with the idea that the ingredients were grown consciously and there are no pesticide remnants heading into your eyeballs. It’s vegan friendly and of course never tested on animals. Also, since there are no irritating chemicals, Pai’s eye cream won’t irritate your eyes, and instead soothes them. Many anti-aging eye creams have a burning sensation, don’t be fooled into thinking “it’s working!” A burning sensation is indicative of irritation. The skin around the eye is very delicate, so any burning going on is doing anything but strengthening and replenishing it!

How Much?

Because Pai’s eye cream is very natural, you’ll want to use it within 6 – 8 months of opening the package. The product comes in a little pump bottle, and I find that one pump is enough for both eyes. After cleansing and putting on your nightly moisturizer, gently pat the product around your eyes, being careful not to stretch any of your eye skin (that stuff is delicate)!

Eye creams rarely run cheap – and good ones are even less likely to. Pai’s Echium Anti-Aging Eye Cream runs in the middle of the pack at $42 USD for a 10 ml bottle. For something so tiny, it is pretty darn effective.

Where to Buy:

Pai’s Website

Love Lula’s site


Small smile lines create bigger smiles :)


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