Vapour Organic Beauty – Stratus Instant Skin Perfector & Atmosphere Luminous Foundation Review

As per usual, my absence can be attributed to travel. The past few weeks I’ve been up to (links to my Instagram pictures) BC’s beautiful wine country in the Okanagan to do some lake yoga, some horseback riding and visit some of the family, down the West Coast to Seattle with the boyfriend and then back up to Whistler to spend some quality time with some of my best gal pals. While a good glass of wine can cure most ails (yes, balance is key and the odd glass of wine is not condemned here at LPN), reconnecting with great friends is a powerful panacea. Now feeling renewed I am excited to bring you some of my summer time “buys and tries”.

This week on the docket: Vapour Organic’s Luminous Foundation & Instant Skin Perfector

Vapour Organic Beauty

It’s taken me a while to get Vapour Organic up on LPN. I was waiting to get back to Canada to try it and now that I am, I am going a bit nuts. I’m glad to report some successful trials from the past few weeks, but before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about Vapour Organic Beauty.  Vapour Organic Beauty’s products are created from certified organic, minimally processed, food-grade ingredients, are cruelty free, gluten free, made with wind power, biodegradable ingredients, recyclable inner and outer packaging, are free from nano particles, irradiation, petrochemicals, petroleum, animal testing, fillers, GMOs, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, parabens, artifical colours, bismuth oxychloride, dimethicone, and talc. Whewf! Oh, and yes, to answer your question, they are beautiful and effective products.

Vapour Organic Beauty: Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

For my dry and/or mature skinned beauties, this foundation is a win. Scoring a low 1 on the Environmental Working Group‘s toxic scale, this is a safe as it gets in face makeup. The purity is hard to beat – made with organic beeswax and essential oils such as frankincense  The Luminous Foundation goes on in a stick form, so you can apply all over, but will take a little extra effort to get it in and around the eye and nose region. Despite that, it has a more buildable coverage than my current go-to (Koh Gen Do’s Aqua HD Foundation) so it is great for evenings and for those beauties who need a little extra coverage for spots or uneven skin tone.

Dry and mature skinned babes will enjoy the moisturizer-like texture and every beauty will enjoy how beautiful it blends. I am really happy with Vapour’s colour selection as well (I often find it hard to avoid colours looking too orange on my skin). I am using shade 100 (see photo below) and it works well for my skin tone (fair and freckled). Find a range of other shades here.

Oily-skinned beauties should have a look at Vapour Beauty’s Soft Focus foundation.

Canadian gals, you can grab any of the colours of the Luminous Foundation for $40 over at Fresh Faced, for my American and Global readers, you can find them on Vapour Organic’s online shop as well as on Amazon.

Vapour Organic Beauty: Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

Another Low 1 on EWG’s cosmetics toxicity scale, Vapour’s Instant Skin Perfector scores top marks on the purity scale. With ingredients such as organic evening primrose oil, organic beeswax, elderberry fruit extract and organic pumpkin seed oil, I know this product is doing wonderful things for my skin, in addition to helping it get that summer glow. Vapour calls this the original organic BB Cream – and I believe it. While it is a 3-in-one primer, moisturizer and “no colour” foundation, I found it to be great as a highlighting tool too. Apply this under your foundation for an overall glow (or without any foundation at all) or use it on its own for a glowing summer-ready face.

While it is colourless (it comes in 3 “colourless shades” – arguably more “tones” than colours ;-), Vapour’s Skin Perfector works to even out the skin tone. Its ability to reflect light keeps your skin looking dewy for days (or at least for the afternoon). I am using Vapour’s Skin Perfector in 902 (as pictured below).

Canadian LPN’ers will find the few colour variants (pick yours based on your underlying skin tone) for $44 over at Fresh Faced, for American and Global LPN’ers, find Stratus Instant Skin Perfector on Vapour Organic’s online shop as well as on Amazon.

Vapour Luminous Foundation in 100 & Skin Perfector in 902

I’m fairly fair, and freckled, so for me the best foundation in this line was 100. Below is the Luminous Foundation unblended on my hand. Next to it you will see the sheer Skin Perfector in shade 902 – best for fair to medium skin tones with neutral, yellow or pink undertones).

Now that you’ve been introduced (or maybe reaquainted) with Vapour Organics, I’m going to get some shut eye so my eye concealer trials don’t have to work so hard. On second thought…. ;-)