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An Effective Organic Skincare Line I Would Eat: Annmarie Gianni’s Organic Skincare Review

It is not often that I say I would eat an entire skincare line, but if left in a bind I wouldn’t hestiate to eat every last product in Annmarie Gianni’s Skincare line. Ok, so I’d eat it (clearly it is natural), but now you’re asking “does it work?” It is rare that I would recommend nearly EVERY product in a skincare line for its efficacy and ingredient components, but today I bring to you an effective, organic, completely natural and edible skincare line made by Annmarie Gianni that will knock your socks off (or at least knock any doubts you may have had regarding organic skincare and its ability to work wonders on your skin).

I have been blown away by every product I have tried in Annmarie’s line – ranging from her coconut body oil to her anti-aging serum. Today I’ll share with you the highlights (and there are many) of her zero-chemical line, as well as my experience with each. I don’t usually go through this much of a product line on LPN, but I have been so impressed by the products, that I had to share with you all the wonderfulness that is Annmarie Gianni Skincare. *As a note, I skipped over a few products that weren’t for my skin type, but by in large, here you have it:

Annmarie Gianni’s Cleanser Reviews

Aloe-Herb Cleanser Review

Gentle, yet effective, this herbal cleanser packed a punch in terms of skin nourishing. This is a must have for any beauties with sensitive and/or dry skin. It’s nourishing and calming aloe vera juice infusion is fantastic for taking away impurities and excess oil, without stripping the skin of its natural softness. As with any gentle, no abrasive cleanser, you will need an eye makeup remover if you do wear eye makeup; however, you will find this to leave your skin smooth and clean. It comes of the form of what I would call a “creamy gel” so it’s application is great and there is no foaming (great for use with a facial brush or konjac sponge) or with her Ayurvedic facial scrub (a fantastic exfoliation, although I wasn’t the biggest fan of its natural scent – I would prefer the smell to be in my food rather than on my face – that being said, it was effective and gentle). Shop a bottle of the Aloe-Herb Cleanser for $25 USD for 50 ml.

Citrus Mint Facial Cleanser Review

For those beauties with oily/problem-prone skin, this cleanser is for you. While I have skin on the drier side, I still tried this for 2 reasons: 1. It’s a gel cleanser (and I love a gel cleanser with a facial brush) and 2. it smelt lovely. The key ingredient (lemon balm) is a warrior when it comes to acne-prone skin. It’s all the anti’s: antibacterial, antioxidant and antiviral. While it left my skin a little drier than the Aloe-herb cleanser, I would recommend it for any beauties facing combination or oily skin. Shop 50 ml for $25 USD.

Dead Sea Facial Scrub Review

Cleansing with mud? Heck yes! There is nothing like some clay from the dead sea to polish away any dullness or little bumps. While it exfoliates like a pro, it also nourishes at the same time. Two wonderful properties for anyone wanting a little extra microcirculation (great for skin cell regeneration) on their face. For any lovely with problem-prone skin, this one is for you (although I have fairly clear skin and have enjoyed using this product immensely on alternate evenings). The ingredient list is short and pure (like everything in Annmarie’s line): Dead Sea Mud, Silaceous Earth, Vegetable Glycertain, Organic Lavender essential oil and Organic Rosemary Oleoresin – oh, and love <3 Shop this mud magic for $39 USD for 50 ml.

Annmarie Gianni’s Toner Reviews

Neroli Toning Mist Review

Balancing and perfect for sensitive skin, the Neroli Toner is great for a post cleanse balancing act. I love the smell of neroli – a natural mood enhancer and aphrodisiac. The ingredient list is literally “pure organic neroli distillate”. That’s it. That’s all. If it was a tad stronger in terms of oil content, I would use this as my daily fragrance, instead it is a beautiful spritz, especially great for hot summer days and long travelling nights. This one came in handy on my 8 hour delay heading back to Oslo this time around. Pick up 50 ml for $27 USD.

Rosemary Toning Mist Review

Again, as with the citrus mint facial cleanser, this toning must is beneficial for those beauties with oilier skin. It’s made from pure organic rosemary distillate, so nothing but purity coming at your face. Rosemary is great for blemish control and stimulating blood flow. Grab 50 ml for $29 USD.

Annmarie Gianni’s Serums, Facial Oils & Moisturizer Reviews

Repair Serum Review

Serums are wonderful for many reasons. They’re effective at tightening and lessening the look of fine lines, while also helping to even out skin tone. While they aren’t moisturizing (many expect them to be), they are healing. Annmarie’s Repair Serum uses vegan stem cells (from oranges) to help your skin build its own collagen and anti-oxidant vitamin C to help your skin prevent aging. It is ideal for sun-damaged and/or mature skin. Essential oils from Lavender and Sandalwood help to lighten pigments and lessen the look of age spots. Great to use pre-toner, and prior to moisturizer, this repair serum was top notch in both ingredients and efficacy. While I havent used it for the recommend 30-40 days yet, I do notice that my skin glows. Pick up a 15 ml bottle for $54 USD.

Anti-Aging Serum Review

Then we have the anti-aging serum. While I tried the repair serum for a few weeks, I also tried my hand at the anti-aging serum. What a glorious abundance of ingredients in this little bottle. For those who are big on anti-aging or have dry skin but aren’t trying to repair your skin from sun damage (although it will work for that too, but you may be better off with the repair serum) or other bad decisions (haha) this is your potion. Appropriately made from a type of sunflower called Life Everlasting, is a key ingredient when it comes to regenerating skin cells. Further, it contains echinacea, which yes, helps prevent colds, but also works to help firm skin. The powerful blend of essential oils, nutrients and extracts combine to create a serum that stands up next to the best. Shop a 15 ml bottle for $49 USD.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil Review

Potent and antioxidant rich facial oil (packed with raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, and broccoli – yes, broccoli), this is ones of the best facial oils I’ve used to date. With a base of chia seed oil & carrot seed oil, powerful skin-rejuvenators, this facial oil is the best option for any beauty with mature or dry skin, as well as those lovelies who want to beat the aging bug to the punch. It will moisturize and restore your skin leaving you with nothing but glow. The scent is heavenly – and the texture is luxurious. A truly precious blend. Pick up 15 ml for $49 USD 

Annmarie Gianni’s Facial Mask Reviews

Coconut Honey Mask Review

Put this on your face and just try not to eat it. I swear if I wasn’t gluten intolerant this would be on my morning toast. Chock-a-block full of organic honey (high in vitamins C and B) naturally moisturizes, while also smoothing oil little lines. This mask is great for dry skin, mature skin and sun damaged skin and consists of raw wild honey, extra virgin coconut oil, beeswax and organic vanilla powder. All in all, you literally can eat it. For me I used it post cleansing, once per week for 15 minutes, which gave me a nice boost of moisture; however, you could certainly use it on drier skin 2+ times per week. When you rinse it off, it will leave the coconut oil on your skin, so don’t freak out that it still feels like the product is on your skin – it is, because it’s still working.  This is an “LPN Fave” for sure. Pick up a 50 ml pot for $29 USD.

Purifying Mud Mask Review

Because it comes in powdered form, this mud mask will never go bad. The mineral clays and algae make for a mineral party on your face, while also deeply purifying your skin. It is great for girls with oily skin, but also for normal skin types. It’s ingredients are 3 types of clay and blue-green algae, so there is nothing but pure dirt going on your largest organ. I used this after cleansing, and simply combined water with the powder in my hands to create a paste. After application I let it sit for 15 minutes and then washed off. One thing I would note about this one — it seemed to stain my skin slightly brown at first rinse, but it also stained my lighter towels post “pat”. That being said, if you’re using a mineral rich porduct like this 1. Rinse well and 2. Use dark towels to dry off. Shop a 50 ml pot for $39 USD. 

Annmarie Gianni’s Body Oil Review

Coconut Body Oil Review

While I love coconut oil after a morning shower (or any shower for that matter), this oil was never hardened (mind you, it is not impossible for it to go solid, given it is in cool enough temperatures). This made for easier application, as well as a little going a long way. The coconut oil, blended with other oils such as organic sunflower and grapeseed, was also infused with milk thistle (antioxidant properties for protection), and rosemary (a wonerful wakeup scent) along with loads of other nourishing nutrients including (but not limited to): green tea & rooisbush leaves, licorice root, ginseng, calendula and the list goes on. It was scented with pure and powerful essential oils such as frankincense and lavender. Beauty. Just beauty. Shop the body oil for $54 USD for 200 ml

Where to Buy Annmarie Gianni Skincare

Ok, so I’ve given you the rundown on this fantastic skincare line, but where do you buy it? Many shoppers can find the full skincare range online at their online shop; but, you can also find products at select retailers throughout the US, Canada, France, New Zealand & Singapore.

Still not sure where to start? Try one of Annmarie’s Sample Kits to get a “taste” here.

I hope you enjoy her line as much as I have.

Yours in Healthy Beauty,


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  • Kevin Gianni

    Hey Kate! Thanks so much for your review! Glad you love the products :-)

  • Chickweed and Blush

    Annmarie Gianni is an amazing line! The Dead Sea Scrub and the Anti-Aging Serum are my faves at the moment! Also they have really great customer service, which makes me love this company all the more! :-)

  • Bizzy Biz

    Thanks for the info. I ordered their sample kits and I wish I would’ve taken a before picture. My sun spots on my face have lightened by using their Repair Serum. Amazing. Just ordered more of her products to try it. I feel so clean and healthy using her products. They smell so good too

    • So glad you’ve had a positive experience. I was so impressed with the line. Fantastic, and thanks for sharing, I love to hear how readers are enjoying products! xx

  • Selina Torres

    The coconut honey mask sounds AMAZING! I’m off to order some now!

  • morgen188

    I think I would like Beauty Supplements . :)

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  • melissa

    speaking of eating skincare! I came across the most amazing face cream at a trade show in long beach.. the product is called organicos edibles. I had never heard of it before this but I recognized their other product vacubrasion, the at home microdermabrasion machine. The lady at the stall explained to how their creams were organic, 100% plant based and vegan friendly but also edible. This just blew my mind as I had never even heard anything like it before so I bought their serum. At first I thought it was a little expensive for the size of the bottle but once the lady showed me you could use one pump of this serum to spread over your entire face and neck, I began to see the value in the product. I went straight home to use it and I was not disappointed, it left my skin feeling
    soft and also a kind of nourished I had not felt in a while. My skin is always a little dry but after I applied this serum it felt like I had just given my skin all the hydration and relief it needed. As far as I know you can buy the product on amazon! It’s well worth a try… I hope you enjoy it!!

    • Love hearing stories like this Melissa! Thanks for sharing with me! I will have to look into Organicos Edibles when I am back in the Western Hemisphere! :) xx

  • Mireille

    Hey Kate, thanks for taking time out to share your views & present some brilliant reviews. Sorry if it’s random but I’m a bit of a novice in matters of skincare although I do use a lot of premium products but not necessarily natural or organic. Strangely, I have discovered that my skin is never happy with natural home made products straight out of the kitchen shelves but I don’t want to fall victim to conventional skin care packed with petro chemicals and other harmful ingredients. I’m desperately looking for a serum ( preferably not oil based) for a glowing skin. I’m in my early 30s and I have more of a natural skin tone but is very sensitive and reactive. I have been successfully using bobbi brown & clarins serums but want to shift to more natural & organic products. Would greatly appreciate if you could suggest something for glowy skin.

    Many thanks and best wishes for the continual success of the great job that you have been doing!

  • spankulert

    I’ve recently discovered this like myself, and it is absolute bliss! Unfortunately the combination of shipping and import taxes completely gutted my budget. I am now hoping to persuade LoveLuna to start carrying the brand tee hee.

  • Suzan Reemy

    Hi every body,
    I used to have big problems with organic skin care products, but am getting in better shape now. Here’s a good site I found that really helped. It gave me great methods,and showed me what I was doing wrong before…there’s even lots of free articles on …

  • venus

    it doesn’t say anywhere on the Annmarie G. website where the products are mfgr’d. I got an email from one of their team who said only that the products are formulated and mfgr’d in Colorado by their friend and co-owner. Why do we not hear more about their formulator and mfgr’ing methods–and sourcing of ingredients? Does everyone not care about this except for me?

  • Nate Mal

    Has anyone heard of a company called Herban Nectar? I’m hearing a lot of buzz about them as far as organic skin care goes but I think they may be new so i’m not finding them on any of these lists.I love trying new skin products but I’d prefer to see some reviews about it first. The website is

  • Ioana

    I bought two bottles of anti aging serum and I was dissapointed when I first appled it. Let me tell you why. I also use one love organics the serum with vitamin c and I absolutely love it. When I first tried Anne Marie anti aging serum I found the texture so different. It remains like a film on the face and it is a little sticky. Please tell me this is how it is and that I didn’t buy a fake. ☺

    • I also love OLO — but this serum is to be put under a facial oil. It is not moisturizing, but rather very effective in smoothing fine lines, hence the “film” like feeling. You did not buy a fake, but make sure to use a facial oil over top to ensure you are getting the full benefits! xx

  • Riya

    So after reading all the reviews about this brand i finally ordered sample kit for normal/combination skin. I got aloe cleanser, toning mist and herbal oil. cleanser was good, i felt clean but little drying and i felt very slight irritation on skin. Toner was very good. But the oil, my god i will never want to use it on my face again. after applying it , within 5 minutes, i started itching and burning. believe me people i have been using all natural, herbal products and even home grown herbal products all my life since i was born. I am from india and we do even eat herbs daily after all, so i know i cant b allergic to any herb but that oil thing isnt good..

    • Try mixing the foundation powder with a cream or another oil, and see if that works better for you. I’m sorry to hear you had such a reaction to the oil. Which oil was it you were using? The normal skin? xx

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