Annmarie Skincare’s Earth Minerals Foundation – Review

One of my all time favourite skincare lines is back with something FABULOUS. Annmarie Gianni is up to it again – creating beautiful things in skincare… but this time, it’s makeup. A liquid (or dry matte) foundation no less!

I am such a huge fan of her line – I’ve called it the skincare line I would eat in a past post, and now with makeup as pure as her skincare, I can’t say I’m anything but one happy girl.


This foundation is perfection – a matte powder that is made of four ingredients:

  1. Zinc oxide – promotes skin healing
  2. Titanium dioxide – blocks UV rays
  3. Iron oxide – water resistant and provides the colour
  4. Mica – creates radiance

Blend that with one of the purest oils which you will find on Annmarie Skincare’s site (her Herbal Facial Oil or my favourite, her Anti-Aging Facial Oil) and it creates the perfect coverage, dewy finish makeup you can find.

For those of you that prefer to wear powder foundation, just forego the addition of the oil and blend the powder solo with a brush (on well prepped skin, of course).

Why I’m Loving Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

First off: ingredients. Super pure and aren’t going into my bloodstream. Combining the pure oils with your mineral powder = brilliance. It doesn’t get more pure than that – oh, and no (synthetic/chemical) preservatives!

Secondly, holy is this stuff effective and natural. When blended and applied, Earth Minerals foundation is working on the same level as any of my other favourite liquid foundations.

But beyond that you can create your perfect colour by blending – match your skin tone perfectly, or maybe lighten it a little for under your eyes ;)

Long story short – this stuff is pure, pretty and on my new faves list.

Simple & “Colour Perfect” Three Step Process

  • Tap – Tap a small pea-sized amount of mineral powder in the palm of your hand. I’ve used Pearl here – the lightest shade in the spectrum, but can be blended with others to create your perfect match.

IMG_8031 copy

IMG_8032 copy

  • Blend –  Mix in your hand, then apply with your finger like you would a liquid foundation. If you like, use a brush to blend in (I use my fingers for mixing and application)

IMG_8033 copy


Annmarie Skincare’s makeup sample kits come with 4 colours for you to try – I’m having fun blending pearl and sand together – plus a sample of their Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin. And they ship the Earth Minerals Sample to you for free, no matter where you live… oh, and the order will  come with a coupon for $10 off a future purchase! Perfect for purchasing the full sizes.

Where to Buy:

They’ve started out by releasing a limited number of sample kits, so get your hands on it – $20.00 USD (includes shipping globally)!

The full sizes retail for $49 USD and you can find them here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 7.15.37 PM

In the mean time, enjoy testing, playing with the colours and getting a feel for what might very well be your new favourite natural foundation.

I highly recommend you give it a try out and comment below on your thoughts. <3




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  • I’d love to try Annmarie Gianni! And, I’m always in search of a good green foundation.

  • Chickweed & Blush

    I agree with everything you said! This foundation is one of the best I have ever tried (no surprise since I love everything by Annmarie Gianni!). Great review! :-) xx

  • Lulastic

    oooh, this looks fabulous! My own mineral fac powder from Dr Hauscha is just running out….

  • Ooh this is interesting, I’m always looking to try out different natural makeup companies. Thanks for the post :)

  • Elise Zimmer

    I really wanted this product everywhere since the probe in the mobile spa miami on my vacation. Thank you for your post!

  • Amy

    Do you like this foundation better thanVapour? I’ve been trying the Annmarie foundation for a few days now and at first I loved it (I’m using the sand color) but it beginning to feel a bit drying even mixed with my sample of anti aging oil. I used a bit less today and my face isn’t as dry but the coverage is of course less. I had smooth looking barbie doll skin when I first used it! I guess I need to play with it a bit more but I love that the Vapour actually makes my skin so soft and smooth…the only downside to Vapour is that it doesn’t last all day and the coverage isn’t much. What do you use for blush, eyes and lips? If I can get the coverage and texture right with the Annmarie foundation, I would like to see her branch out and make some colors for blush and eyes. :)

    • Definitely love it still — have you tried mixing it with a cream? Try mixing it with a moisturizer instead of an oil and see if that changes the texture. <3 xx
      For blush I'm using a few different things, but I'm loving Nvey Eco's blush right now. xx

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