Jump into LPN’s Shower! Natural Beauty in the Shower

…. Figuratively speaking, of course!

So we’ve chatted about the importance of a morning routine (read about mine here), and you’ve seen what’s in my bag (see that post here), I suppose the natural next step in relationship progression is to invite you into my shower… Ok, not literally, but at least show you which products make it onto my shower essentials list.

Today I’m giving you a snapshot of all my shower favourites (I’ve also included my favourite pre & post-shower essentials). While products may change from month to month, a few of my staples stay pretty constant. That being said, I have forgone sharing haircare products for this post, namely because I am in the process of trailing LOADS of haircare and am going to be filling you in on the best in natural hair care come next month. So for this post, I’m focusing on body care.

Dry Brush: Stiff Dry Sauna Brush

I’m not going to berate it here, because I’ve already gone on-and-on about the beauty and health benefits of dry skin brushing. However, what I’m going to tell you about is my brush. What makes my brush such a great one is the bristles are natural and STIFF. They can come close to being alarmingly stiff in the mornings, which is great, because it really wakes you up. WHen you’re shopping for a dry skin brush, ensure the bristles are stiff and thick enough to withhold a bit of pressure, this ensures you’re really getting your circulation and lymphatic system working.  A great way to ensure your brush is stiff enough is to brush it across your screen and see if it leaves light marks (no, not scratches). I use a dry sauna brush, and she is fabulous!

Body Wash: Estelle & Thild

At the moment I’m using Swedish brand Estelle & Thild’s Neroli Bergamont Body Wash. The scent is lovely, but it leaves something to be desired in the department of “foaming” – mind you, that is good news as it means it is free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate. The ingredients are extremely pure, and the “preservatives” are food-grade. You can find them at many shops in Europe, or online if you’e based anywhere else on this great globe. It retails for about $17 dollars for 200 ml.

Sponge: Konjac Body Sponge, Red Clay

My favourite little shower tool is my Konjac Body Sponge (bigger and more ergonomic for cleaning the whole body). You can read my longer reviews on the Konjac sponge here, so I’ll keep this short and just say I love these sponges, they are fantastic and they belong in your beauty routine. Shop the body sponge for about $10 USD from their online shop (Global readers), or from many beauty retailers including Zuneta & Cult Beauty (UK readers), Spirit Beauty Lounge (American readers) Fresh Faced(Canadian readers), Flora Organica (Australian readers) & Lovely Skin (Norwegian & Scandinavian readers). If you prefer to find an online retailer in another country, check out their expansive distributor list here.

Sea Salt Scrub: Alba Botanica Sugar Cane Body Polish

While this one isn’t used on the daily, Alba Botanica’s Sugar Cane Body Polish is in my routine when I feel like I need to cleanse a little deeper. I don’t use a body polish after I’ve used my dry brush, as this can be a little harsh on the skin, especially if you have skin on the sensitive side. That being said, this honey-infused body polish softs and smoothes while it takes off and dissolves old cells that need some help sloughing off. The scent of the kukui nut is heavenly, and this product will likely leave you feeling as if you left to a tropical island.

Alba Bontanica is a great brand for beauties on a budget. Chances are you’ve seen it in your grocery store (or at least in your health food store) so it shouldn’t be far off. If you are having trouble finding it, shop it online without a problem. It’s $12 USD for 10 oz, and lasts you last you a few months if you use it a few times per week.

Foot Care: Eco Beauty Tools Pumice Foot Brush

I use this one the daily – firstly to increase circulation and secondly to ensure I’m squeaky clean from head to toe. You might have already heard about this one too – in my pedicure post. At $4 USD, it is a great beauty buy, and its eco friendly too. Eco Tools uses bamboo and cruelty free bristles in their foot brush. You can find Eco tools here in the US, at Boots in the UK and selected retailers globally.

Shaving Cream: Aubrey Men’s Stock North Woods Shaving Cream

Yup, I’m guilty of using men’s products too… and admittedly, I originally bought this for the bf. I quickly took majority ownership after trying it one day in the shower. I love this shaving cream – first, because it works (when it comes to shaving, I find products created for men – think razors – are usually better) and second, because it doesn’t smell floral. In fact, it smells like a pine forrest. If you’re into musky, earthy scents, you will love this shower addition. I wanted something to offset the often girly shampoos, body washes and cleansers and this does it perfectly. Beyond that, legs are left so smooth and knicks are non-existent. Your legs will thank you! At $9 a bottle, you will be ok to grab one for you and one for the man in your life.

Feminine Wash: Nature’s Plus Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Wash

Ok, so it’s not the most glamorous product, but it is a wonderful one. When it comes to down there, I don’t want any less-than-pure product around it.  Nature’s Plus Tea Tree Feminine wash is quite pure and non-toxic (although it does contain Limonene which can affect some with allergies). Keeping this short, sweet, and as uncomfortable as possible: the tea tree cleans up like nothing else, it’s foamy (and SLS free) and leaves you feeling lovely.

At $17 USD, it will last you a while. Find your own on iHerb‘s site – an awesome resources no matter where you live in the world. They ship internationally, just be sure to check the restrictions of the country you’re living in. Sometimes dosage allowances for supplements vary by country. I’ve learned that the hard way living in Norway.

Moisturizer: A Selection

My moisturizers change like the wind. Mainly because there are so many lovely ones and so many natural products you can use without having to go to the beauty aisle. Here are a list of my favourites:

Coconut Oil

You’ve read about it numerous times on my blog: here, here and here. Coconut oil is one of the best multi-tasking natural beauty “products” out there. It is fantastic as a moisturizer, post shower. It absorbs wonderfully and smells fresh – no chemicals here! Find it at most grocery stores.

Raw Shea Butter

While I shopped a kilogram of shea butter while I was in Senegal in January (check out my post on my trip here… and yes, that kilogram is still going strong!) you can actually find raw and unrefined shea butter online quite easily. What you want to look for is an unrefined and cold pressed production process – this ensures all the beauty enhancing ingredients are still intact in the product you’re putting on your skin.

Natural Oils

Then there are all the glorious oils that you can use. In particular I’m an almond oil fan, and am also loving a fantastic body oil that I blogged on an few weeks back, by Blossom Jar. Their Something Blue body oil is luxurious and lovely and it is what I’m using at the moment. You can find body oils at your health food store, and even at some grocery stores. However, ensure there are no added junkies in your store bought products! Check out the ingredients to avoid list here.

Thanks for jumping in, with me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, beauty.