Keep Your Smile Naturally Bright and White with a Sonicare Toothbrush, Melvita Whitening Toothpaste & Desert Essence Mouthwash: Reviews

Ever since I first used my Philips Sonicare, I have been obsessed. It is one of the greatest tools in my kit of “beauty regimen essentials”. A healthy looking smile, complete with bright teeth and healthy gums is a big key to natural beauty. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy ensures your smile enhances your naturally gorgeous mug – but it is hard to keep things white and bright without using the all the chemically ridden products on the market… or so you think ;)

The Philips Sonicare Healthy White system has been my favourite since the get-go – it has a healthy white setting that always leaves my mouth feeling unbelievably clean and my teeth incredibly smooth (i.e. it gets them really, really clean). By lifting the stains a few times a day (aka whenever you are normally brushing your teeth), the Sonicare helps prevent any buildup that makes your teeth look less than lovely. Further, it lifts old stains with the powerful “white” setting. On top of that the “white” setting polishes on a stronger speed for extra time to ensure your most visible teeth are as free from stains as possible. I picked up the Healthy White version that came with the UV cleaning case, which disinfects your brush as often as you see fit. This is one investment with which I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied. The Sonicare Healthy White brush and charger retails for about $130 USD.

So what do you use as a toothpaste then? Well, I love my Weleda salt toothpaste, but when I’m in a whitening mode, Melvita White Teeth Toothpaste in mandarin is a saviour of sorts. This white clay toothpaste contains sodium bicarbonate and guerande sea salt to whiten effectively, while still be gentle on your enamel. The bamboo powder in this toothpaste is a natural antibacterial, helping fight off those cavities and cleanse your mouth. Melvita toothpaste is also certified by ECOCERT Greenlife, and 99.32% of the ingredients are from natural origin and 32% are from organic farming. My one complaint about this toothpaste is the mandarin flavour; although it is nice and natural, I wish it was minty so my mouth was left with that really fresh feeling.  But, I also use a mouthwash, so I get over that downfall pretty quick. This Melvita toothpaste retails for about $8 USD  for a 2.5 oz tube.

My natural mouthwash of choice is Desert Essence Natural Refreshing Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash. With its essential oils of spearmint, tea tree oil and witch hazel, my mouth feels squeaky clean, and I rest easy knowing that it reduces plaque buildup while killing anything that is left over. My favorite thing about this mouth wash is it skips those gross fake sugars and its also alcohol free.  Desert Essence retails for about $6 USD for a 8 oz bottle.

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