Best Natural Anti-Acne & Anti-Aging Secret – Sugar Free Diet

Sugar is bad. We all know it. It causes inflammation (which promotes both aging and disease), suppresses our immune system and our human growth hormone (the hormone that keeps us young). Not to mention, it also raises our insulin levels and promotes glycation (which essentially speeds up the aging process).

It is one of the easiest culprits to target but one of the hardest additives to change in our diet; however, once you do, a world of difference in your skin, hair and body will be felt and seen. I have been trying out “no sugar” for the past two weeks and it hasn’t been pretty. Not to mention I am already “gluten-free”, taking sugar out of the equation does not make eating easy. The first 3 days I felt like I was going through withdrawals – headaches, nausea and many other less than fantastic symptoms. Then, on day four I woke up feeling energetic and with a completely clear face.

I’ve always known your skin shows what’s going on inside of you — but I never thought I’d see such a dramatic change in such a short period of time. Cutting out sugar has been a difficult transition, but with a well worth it reward.

The Game Plan for Sugar Free Eating

If you are planning on tackling no sugar, stick to a host of fresh greens, vegetables are your best friend. If you’re a vegetarian, soak your beans and legumes instead of buying canned ones – read your labels; you will be surprised how much sugar is in packaged food. Watch out for things that seem healthy, but are not: cane sugar, agave nectar, corn syrup, cane juice, dextrose, barley malt etc). Also, sugar substitutes can do a whole other host of damage to your body and beauty. Stay away from things labeled ‘diet’ and ‘low calorie’.

Fruit is great, but always in moderation. Finding low-glycemic index carbs is essential. For this reason, quinoa and brown rice can be excellent additions to your meals. Try out some spaghetti squash instead of noodles one evening, or enjoy some cumin and tumeric quinoa with your steamed veggies.

Healthy Hints

Need some sweetness? Munch on some baked sweet potatoes with rosemary, have some berries with stevia or add some stevia to your tea.

Never neglect your water bottle. Keeping hydrated is essential to ensure you are pushing the toxins out of your body and maintaining skin’s hydration.

Remember, everything in moderation — extremism does not usually prove to be fruitful.

Beautiful skin in just a few days!