Natural & Wellness Holiday Gift Ideas from LPN

Happy Holidays Lovelies!

I have been admittedly absent over the past few weeks … I could bore you with the details, but instead I’ll excuse it to multiple travels and a bestie visiting me here in the North… Despite this, I’ve been stockpiling blog posts in the back of my mind, so without further adieu, let’s “get back together,” I’ve missed you.

It’s that time of year, and you’re thinking about what to buy for your best friends, your mom and your girlfriend (I <3 my male readers, so take the following list as my gift to you … nothing says relationship doom like buying your girlfriend a blender for Christmas). There is no time like the holidays to give the gift of health and wellness, I mean, we have to balance somehow, right?

Here are my picks for the Top 6 Natural Beauty and Wellness Gifts for the holidays and some stocking stuffer ideas to follow:

1. For your yogi bestie? The eKOMAT by Manduka

The luxury mat maker Manduka has come out with the eKOMAT, a sustainably sourced natural rubber. Expect the traditional Manduka quality in term sof cushion and grip while also being kind to the environment. This is the perfect gift for any devote (or beginner) yogi in your life. :-)

2. Gifting a friend from afar?  Love Lula Gift Voucher or Spirit Beauty Lounge


My favourite online natural apothecaries, carrying the best and newest in organic and natural luxury beauty products. Give the gift of beauty with a gift certificate from either of these e-beauty boutiques and have her shop till her heart’s content for some of the best products on the market (and yes, they both ship internationally).

3. For the Raw Foodie Newbie? Ani’s Raw Food Essentials Recipe Book

I eat a lot of raw food (much to my boyfriend’s dismay), so keeping it interesting is important. This “cookbook,” (kind of an oxymoron, I guess) is a great starter kit for those gearing up to go raw, or for those who want to try some new recipes to their tried and true favourites. This was my first raw food recipe book, and I still crack it open often for ideas.

4. For the beauty buff? The Clarisonic


Everyone I know that owns one raves about it, some even claim it to be life saving. While I can’t say that this brush will save your life, I can say it will change your life. How it works: cleansing brushes work to remove impurities, daily grime, make up and most importantly slough off dead skin cells. You’ll find after a few uses – maybe even the first – that the skin has a glow its been missing.

6. For the Wellness Warrior? Luxury Aroma Zen Diffuser by Saje

I’ve gone on and on about diffusers in a past post, so I won’t touch too much on the benefits of them here … except for the fact you can create a home spa in a matter of minutes. This is the perfect gift for those who need a few minutes of “me” time each day (who doesn’t?). It’s a great addition to a meditation practice, or even a cozy evening on the couch.

5. For someone very special and deserving? Spa Weekend 

Whether it be for a treatment, the day or the weekend, a spa gift certificate is always appreciated. Now I’m not just talking about the “go in get your nails done and get out” spas, I’m talking about a Scandinavian spa. Usually these types of spas facilitate self-treatment, as you rotate from dry to wet saunas, steam rooms, mud rooms, ice pools and hot tubs (you can then purchase treatments such as massages and wraps in addition). Now living in Scandinavia, I have a new appreciation for the benefits of Scandinavian style spas (I mean, common, how can you not fall in love with the idea of bathing in VOSS water?).  Luckily, you don’t need to live in Norway to experience the Scandinavian experience – check out the following spas famous around the world: Scandinave (Canada), Amida (UK), The Standard Spa (US) and if you follow my blog from Norway, I’m sure you’re familiar with the infamous Farris Bad.

And now those little gifts that usually don’t make the “wish list” but are alway appreciated: The Stocking Stuffers

1. A dry brush for detoxifying

2. Essential Oils from Mountain Rose Herbs


3. Skincare Gift Sets from Trilogy 


4. Non-toxic Nail products from Kure 


5. Lip balm by Figs & Rouge

6. Nontoxic Soy Candles from Neom

7. Sampler Tea Set from Les Palais des Thés

8. Eco-friendly Makeup Brushes by EcoTools


May your shopping days be as painless as possible, my dears.

Happy Holidays!