How to Make Your Own Almond Milk & Some Thoughts on Dairy

When it comes to beautiful skin and hair, you might be surprised to know that dairy products can actually hamper your natural beauty goals. We have been told since a young age that we must eat dairy for the health of our bones, to promote healthy intestinal flora (think Activia yogurt belly dancing ads), weight loss and for the cool white moustache. But really think about it. Milk comes from the breast of a cow – to feed her young. Humans are {Read More}

The Best Chia Seed Pudding Recipe – The Benefits of Coconut Milk

I’ve received a few messages and emails from lovelies embarking on the Sugar Free Diet. Having gone through the initial stages of the sugar withdrawal myself, I know how necessary it is to feel like you’re not completely depriving yourself. That being said, this post is dedicated to you. I ran out of almond milk today, and because it is a public holiday in Norway, all the stores are closed. I was craving an afternoon chia seed pudding – the {Read More}