Use Cream Cleansers to Beat Dry Winter Blues – Intelligent Nutrients, Trilogy, Morcaresse and Miessence Reviews

This time of year can be both delightful and frightful, if you’re a dry skinned gal like me.
The cool (or downright COLD, in Norway) temperatures and dry air make a gentle cream cleanser a necessity.

Since October I have tested 4 cream cleansers. For your reading pleasure (a little presumptuous, maybe) I have reviewed them for any gal trying to “save face” this winter. But before I do, it is worth noting a few things about cream cleansers: they are not as strong as foaming face washes. Many girls I know complain that cream face washes don’t take off their makeup – but that is only the case if we are not washing properly. For this reason, it is important to use a muslin cloth or face brush, as well as a gentle eye makeup remover, to ensure the removal of all dirt, makeup and impurities. Now, with that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Face Cleanser Review

First up on my trial podium was Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Face Cleanser. I choose to try this one first after I had such a great experience with Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Moisturizer, which I blogged previously about here. Much of what I loved about the moisturizer (pure food-grade ingredients, certified organic stamp of approval and plant-based oils) were still present in this product, so I was certainly pleased on the product level. However, upon my first week of using this product the pump broke, so I had to literally cut open the bottle to use the rest of the product. I figured this was a one-time-error and tried a second bottle to ensure I wasn’t going to put out a misguided review, and low and behold it broke again, this time in the 2nd week of the product usage. That being said, the product is a wonderful formulation of antioxidants, plant sterols, fatty acids and essential oils to protect delicate skin. Unlike many cleansers it actually helps your skin retain its moisture. In short? Fantastic product for anti-aging and those with sensitive skin, with poor packaging. A 90 ml bottle retails for $45 USD.

Morcaresse by Morcare Cream Cleanser Review

This product hails from a pharmaceutical company with a different twist on how they do things – naturally. Normally I stay far away from pharma companies because their ingredients tend to be on the chemical side; however, Morcare has stood their ground in creating primarily natural products with pharmaceutical knowhow. Their cleansing milk is very effective, as well as gentle, so it gets great reviews from me there; however, I have a nose like a hound dog and am very sensitive (aka picky) when it comes to fragrances. Morcaresse’s cleansing milk was a little on the “scented” side for me, but if you’re not bothered by smell, then this is a great pick for all skin types and for those who doubt the power of plants. A 200 ml bottle retails for about $20 USD.

Trilogy Cream Cleanser Review

Next on my list was Trilogy’s Cream Cleanser. This product was just lovely – and as you well know, I am quite partial to products that use rosehip and evening primrose oils. Trilogy’s ingredient list is clean and the consistency of the product is perfect (i.e. not greasy or paste-like). The scent is divine and it takes off makeup like a charm (although I still use my eye makeup remover by SANTE, just to be sure). I used this cleanser with my face brush from Sephora and it left my face feeling refreshed, moisturized and clean! I consider this product bona fide face-food for all skin types, yes, even oily!  A 200 ml bottle retails for about $37 USD.

MiEssence Soothing Cleanser Review

New onto my radar this month came the Miessence brand, which I must say blew me away with their natural ingredient lists and commitment to keeping it that way – literally every ingredient is a plant; see for yourself here. A gentle cleanser, certainly, but also effective. While it won’t take your eye makeup off in one swoosh (as I mentioned, this is common with cream cleansers) it removes impurities while also leaving your skin with its own natural moisture – perfect and gentle enough for both morning and night cleanses. I’ll be trying other items in their product line over the coming months. A 250 ml bottle retails for ~$50 USD.

Well my beauties, keep that pretty face hydrated through the winter days, it will pay off in droves for years to come.