Best Natural Sunscreen for Face 2014: Annmarie Gianni Sun Love & MyChelle Sun Shield

I’m well into my summer holiday and thought now was a good time to review two of my fave facial sunscreens.

As a fair skinned girl that gets sun-kisses (at least that is what grandma called my freckles), I’m pretty vigilant about protecting my face, neck and chest daily, sun or no sun. But I recommend this kind of protection to even my most bronzed belles. Just because you don’t normally burn, does not mean that you’re not susceptible to sun damage and premature aging! The sun can wreck havoc on your skin without showing the signs until it’s too late. Take precautionary measures and protect that pretty mug of yours, #everydamnday!


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about which facial sunscreens I’m using daily, so here I will highlight my two favourite products; both of which I use regularly.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Sun Shield Unscented SPF 28

For under your makeup, and daily wear, MyChelle’s Sun Shield is great. Its matte finish is non-greasy and perfect for all skin types. The mineral sunscreens “shield” the skin from UV damage, rather than “absorb”, so the sun protection isn’t making its way into your bloodstream. Sun Shield is Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide based, so it is full spectrum (UVA/UVB) defence. Despite this is a mineral sunscreen, it is translucent (i.e. no white film left on your skin). This is what made it a big winner in my books.  MyChelle’s products are free of parabens, phthalates, ureas, petroleum-based chemicals and artificial colours. They receive a cool 3 on EWG’s Cosmetics Database.  Mychelle Sun Shield Review

I apply it each morning, after my moisturizer, but before my foundation and reapply later on in the day if I’m heading outside for an evening run, picnic, or other outdoor activity. It is unscented, and the texture is creamy, but not too thick. I recommend this one for all beauties that don’t have problems or sensitivities with mineral sunscreen.

Where to Buy

You can grab 20% on their Vegan-Friendly product line in the online shop with the code SAVE20, using this link!

MyChelle retails for $20 USD for 2.3 oz in their online shop, but you can also find it in many shops using their store locator.

Annmarie Gianni Sun Love Natural Sun Protection

Annmarie Gianni skincare is certainly no stranger to the pages of LPN; you’ll find a huge array of their products reviewed on this post here.  I love her entire product line, so it was no surprise that the Sun Love was a favourite right off the bat.

Like the MyChelle, the Annmarie Gianni sunblock  contains transparent zinc oxide, so it leaves no white film. In fact, this is my favourite sunblock when I’m having a makeup-free day. The reason being is because it has a little tint to it, so it is great for evening out skin tone, all while protecting you from sun damage. It is lightweight, and the zinc oxide is full spectrum (UVA/UVB). It merely requires a few light swipes across the face to blend and you’re ready to face the sunny day. 

Annmarie Gianni Sun Love Review

The scent of Sun Love is fresh and herbal – it smells like lavender and rosemary – and the product is extremely natural. The purity of this sun-care is one of the most impressive I’ve seen on the market. The herbs and flowers are all organic and/or wild, and the ingredient list is close to edible.

Now, Sun Love isn’t given an SPF rating, but there are some good reasons why. Check out Annmarie’s article here to find out more. 

To use, I first apply my moisturizer and then follow with Sun Love. You can use this under your foundation, but I prefer this beautiful sunscreen without any at all.

Where to Buy

Shop online at the Annmarie Gianni skincare shop, retailing for $40 USD for 2.5 oz.

You can also grab a sample on their site if you’d like to try it out first.

So there you have it beauties, my two favourite facial chemical-free, natural sunblock. Hope you enjoy them, especially over the remainder of the summer and beyond.

Love and light from Vancouver,