Best Natural Sunscreen for Face 2014: Annmarie Gianni Sun Love & MyChelle Sun Shield

I’m well into my summer holiday and thought now was a good time to review two of my fave facial sunscreens. As a fair skinned girl that gets sun-kisses (at least that is what grandma called my freckles), I’m pretty vigilant about protecting my face, neck and chest daily, sun or no sun. But I recommend this kind of protection to even my most bronzed belles. Just because you don’t normally burn, does not mean that you’re not susceptible to sun damage and premature aging! {Read More}

High SPF Sunscreen for Face – Kibio Solaire 50+ SPF Review

I’m heading off for a week in the Norwegian mountains, and while the forecast is supposed to be a bit cloudy, I’m not leaving without my Kibio 50 SPF sunscreen. While my Kimberly Sayer SPF 30 would be fine if I was reapplying religiously, I want to keep my bag as light as possible and my hands off my face, while trudging through the great wilderness. Kibio Solaire is a fabulous addition to your travel bag. Protecting your skin with {Read More}

Natural Sunscreen for Face – Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

I love the sun as much as the next girl, but being fair skinned has made me especially aware of the damage that it can cause. So, I guess it is no surprise that I am known to wear SPF 110 on anything that sees daylight. Over the last year, however, I have found that using a natural SPF 30 suffices for day-to-day use, and if I’m out hiking, skiing or at the beach, a reapplication (or two) does the {Read More}

Natural Sunscreen: Badger’s SPF 30 Unscented Review

Although there is only 5 hours of sunlight in Norway right now, when you’re cross-country skiing for 10 kilometers, those 5 hours can reap some havoc on your skin. I try to wear sunscreen everyday (and I should as I’m both freckly and pasty), but it is hard to find a natural sunscreen that doesn’t start peeling off after you’ve put makeup over it (not that I was wearing makeup skiing … ahemm). I have tried multiple brands of natural {Read More}