Blissoma Solutions: LPN Loves This Pure and Effective Skincare Line

Over the past 3 weeks I have fallen in love with Blissoma’s line of skincare, who creates raw & active skincare by hand. After trying some products from the Solutions line, I am sure this brand is going places – including my bathroom cupboard. Blissoma is unique in that science backs-up the formulations of the natural ingredients – every ingredient has its purpose – and synthetic fillers are unfounded. Beyond that, the natural ingredients are of extremely high quality, unlike many of the mainstream “natural” brands on the market. The line is pure and effective, just how I like my skincare.

Blissoma Restore Deep Healing Oil Serum Review

This one topped my list of “must haves” from the Blissoma Line. Any surprise there? It shouldn’t be, I love pure plant oils and talk about them more often than anything else on my blog. In terms of physical products you put on your skin, there is nothing more effective than pure, high quality (unrefined), rich, plant based oils. Oils help with everything from anti-aging, dryness to acne (yes, acne) and stretch marks. This oil is no exception. The Restore Deep Healing Oil Serum is perfect for dry or maturing skin. Some of the star ingredients include:

  • Organic Evening Primrose oil (rich in hormone balancing GLA & omega 5, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids – great for mature skin)
  • Organic Cranberry Seed and Grapeseed oil (Healing Vitamin E)
  • Organic Rosehip oil and Seabuckthorn Berry (Collagen building Vitamin A & fighter of fine lines)
  • Organic Tamanu and Red Raspberry oils (sun protective and healing benefits)
  • Calendula CO2 (cell regeneration)
I used this product some mornings & all nights and my skin is looking and feeling fantastic. The smell is purely blissful, I feel as though I’m literally putting the plants on my face. You can grab a 1 oz bottle for $30 USD online at Irie Star, the makers of this beautiful product. You can also fine it online at Abe’s Market and

Blissoma Lift Intelligent Energy Cream Review

While I love oils, it does not mean I’ve completely gone astray from moisturizers. On the contrary I often use a cream-based moisturizer in the mornings. When it comes to Blissoma’s Lift cream, I felt like I was feeding my skin – literally. Superstar ingredients include the Rooibos Tea  & Grape Seed Oil offering Resveratrol and Proanthocyanidins. Haven’t heard of these before?

  • Resveratrol is known as a DNA protectant, it helps prevent age-related damage (think wrinkles and discoloration)
  • Proanthocyanidins (from Grape Seeds) are flavanols that inhibit enzymes that break down collagen (enhancing your skin’s natural collagen production)

The cream also includes some of my favourites including organic & unrefined Rose Hip Oil as well as evening primrose oil, which we chatted about above. My favourite attribute about this cream is that it was highly absorbant, so it was no fuss when it came to putting both my sunscreen and makeup on over top. Perfect for daily wear and protection.

A 1 oz bottle retails for $24 USD and can be shopped online at Irie Star, Abe’s Market &

Blissoma Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser Review

I’ve chatted before on the benefits of using a cream cleanser for your face (it is best for anti-aging and is as effective in cleaning when using a facial brush, muslin cloth or sponge). This cleanser was beautifully mild, gentle and effective.  Many beauties with problem skin think that cream cleansers aren’t good for their breakouts and oil production. Within a few weeks I would bet most imperfections would be helped by this lovely cleanser (combined with a diet that does not encourage your skin to break out). It has gentle exfoliating beads to slough off the dead skin, and removes face makeup effortlessly (eye makeup will require a natural and effective eye makeup remover).

My skin was left perfectly cleansed, without feeling “stripped” of my natural oils thanks to moisturizing  Apricot Kernal, Hemp, and Sunflower and the dirt is nicked away with organic, whole brown rice flour and willowbark extract. Organic Chickweed and Rose tone and improve your circulation. You’re left with seriously fresh and beautiful skin.

A 4 oz bottle (used twice daily will likely last you 6 – 8 weeks) retails for about $26 and can be found online at Irie Star, Abe’s Market &

Test Out Blissoma for Yourself

I love this brand, and know you will too. Give them a test run yourself by trying their travel kits to try some of my favourites from the line. This gives you a chance to try the whole line for your particular skin at a reduced price ($39 for the pack) – great for summer vacays.

Mature & Dry Skin *Includes Lift & Restore & Fresh Cleanser

Normal/Sensitive Skin *Includes Fresh Cleanser

Oily & Acneic Skin *Includes Fresh Cleanser

Feeling blissed-out about the Blissoma line! Enjoy, beauties!